Photo Gallery: John 5 and the Creatures featuring Alice Cooper @ Club Red, Mesa AZ

February 26 2019, Club Red, Mesa AZ: This winter and Spring, John 5 is bringing his eccentric guitar playing and showmanship to stages across North America on the Invasion tour, with his group John 5 and the Creatures, plus support acts Jared James Nichols and Dead Girls Academy. The tour continues to promote the 2018 live album It’s Alive but also gives audiences a taste of brand new music, which will be presented in the new studio album, Invasion, due out in 2019. The 6-week trek began in Las Vegas NV on February 23 and quickly made its way to Mesa, Arizona, for a show at Club Red, which also featured a guest appearance by Alice Cooper. Our man Chad Alexander was on-site to capture some stills for us. Check out his photos below, and catch John 5 on the Invasion tour if it’s coming anywhere near you! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: John 5 and the Creatures featuring Alice Cooper @ Club Red, Mesa AZ”

Photo Gallery: New Years Eve @ 5 Star Bar

December 31 2018, 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles CA: Volume #2 of Metal Assault’s annual “New Years Eve Metal Madness” was held at 5 Star Bar last Monday, featuring an all-new, diverse lineup of hometown bands, headlined by acid doom rising force Old Blood and supported by hard rock outfit Sick Mystic, goth rock group The Faint Endless, thrashmongers Beyond The Roots and teenage rock ‘n roll sweethearts Speed Of Light. ’twas indeed a fun time and an apt way to ring in the new year. If you were there, you’re welcome. If you weren’t, our man C. Jones was on site to capture these killer stills for your viewing pleasure. View them below, and keep tabs on these bands as well as our upcoming events in 2019! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: New Years Eve @ 5 Star Bar”

Photo Gallery: Castle, Dread, Old Blood & Garbeast @ The Resident

December 5 2018, The Resident, Los Angeles CA: Last Wednesday, on a rainy night in downtown LA, occult rock heavy-hitters Castle came through on their Deal Thy Fate touring run, and were supported by local acts Dread, Old Blood and Garbeast. To say that every band played a great set would be an understatement, such was the quality of musicianship on display. If the rain scared you away and you weren’t in attendance, photographer C. Jones was there to capture some images for your viewing pleasure. Take a peek at his fantastic collection from this show below. Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Castle, Dread, Old Blood & Garbeast @ The Resident”

Photo Gallery: Metal Monday Vol. 3 feat. Bitch, Heavy Justice, Tzimani & Worldwide Panic

August 20 2018, The Slidebar, Fullerton CA:¬†Last Monday, Metal Assault hosted Volume 3 of our monthly Metal Monday series at the Slidebar in Fullerton. It’s a lineup we were extremely excited about, and as it turned out, this is a show we’re very proud to have put on at this world class venue, the real home of Metal Mondays in Southern California. We had the legendary ’80s LA heavy metal band Bitch featuring living metal goddess Betsy Weiss, who proved that she is still in top form, putting forth a fantastic exhibition of heavy metal singing and showmanship, bringing plenty of her signature sleaze, much to the delight of adoring fans. Main support act Heavy Justice packed and rocked the house with their brand of no-bullshit thrash. San Diego hard rock/heavy metal two-piece Tzimani impressed first-timers with an enjoyable set of guitar shred and melodic hooks. And opening act Worldwide Panic were thoroughly entertaining in their half hour on stage, blending groove metal and comedy to good effect. If you missed it, you should be cursing yourself, but, our man Matt Nielson was in attendance to capture some epic shots to give you an idea of what you missed. Check out his photos below, follow these bands on the interwebs, visit our Events page to see what we have coming up, and if you’re local/close to the area, definitely mark your calendars for our next Metal Monday at the same venue, a very special Volume 4 on September 17! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Metal Monday Vol. 3 feat. Bitch, Heavy Justice, Tzimani & Worldwide Panic”

Photo Gallery: Warforged, Apotheon, Event Horizon & Discarnate Motions @ 5 Star Bar

August 13 2018, 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles CA: Last Monday, Metal Assault had the immense pleasure and fortune of hosting the touring package of Warforged (Chicago IL) and Apotheon (Denver CO) at our favorite spot in downtown LA, the 5 Star Bar. The bill was supported by local bands¬†Event Horizon and Discarnate Motions, and it altogether promised to be a great evening of progressive death metal. All the bands delivered the goods beyond our expectations, and it was pleasant to notice an excellent turnout for the event. But most importantly, everyone who played and attended the show had a great time from start to finish, and for us there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing good music bring joy to the masses. If you attended this show, you won’t forget it in a hurry, and if you didn’t, you missed a good one! But, our photographer was on site to capture some stills to give you a visual recap of what transpired. Enjoy the images below, and make sure to give all the bands a listen and follow. Also, check out our event listings to see which of our upcoming shows might interest you! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Warforged, Apotheon, Event Horizon & Discarnate Motions @ 5 Star Bar”