Photo Gallery: Metal Assault presents Heavy Wednesday @ The Slidebar

Photos by Matt Nielson

August 23rd 2017, The Slidebar, Fullerton CA: After having been attending and reviewing shows at The Slidebar for years now, last Wednesday Metal Assault had the pleasure of putting on our first show at this lovely Fullerton establishment. This edition of Heavy Wednesday, powered by us, featured the talents of three amazing bands, and it was an evening of firsts. All three bands were playing on this stage for the very first time, and one was performing live for the first time ever. LA’s newest progressive metal force Colossal Microcosm impressed one and all with their live debut, followed by Tijuana, Mexico old-school metal warriors Meltdown who were as entertaining and endearing as ever. Lastly, epic progpower outfit Novareign owned the stage as the headline act and put forth a scintillating exhibition of top-class musicianship. Great venue, great bands and a great turnout, we could not asked for anything more. Thanks to everyone who made it. Our man Matt Nielson was on site to capture these fantastic images to relive the best moments of the evening. Enjoy them below, and be on the lookout for an announcement for our next Slidebar show very soon! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Metal Assault presents Heavy Wednesday @ The Slidebar”

Heaviness Unbound: A Recap of Psycho Las Vegas 2017

By Lisa Burke

August 17-20th 2017, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV: As a true fan of all kinds of rock n’ roll and heavy metal, what could be better than a four-day festival featuring just shy of 100 bands inside a hard rock themed casino in Las Vegas? The answer is not a whole lot, especially if you enjoy hiding from the sun and still seeing music during the day, as opposed to attending outdoor festivals. Continue reading “Heaviness Unbound: A Recap of Psycho Las Vegas 2017”

Album Review: The Haunted – Strength in Numbers

By Francisco Zamudio

The words “Swedish” and “metal” combined have nearly always produced some of the most memorable bands and albums, many pushing the boundaries of extreme music. Breaking away from the Swedish death metal mold is The Haunted who have been a relevant band since the late ’90s. Since leaving Earache Records, and some would argue peaking with their Century Media debut ‘Revolver’ (2004), they have since revolved around the same style throughout their existence, And as part of the CM roster of safe and marketable signing decisions, they’ve held nearly their entire career with CM. Now since parting ways with long-standing vocalist Peter Dolving, and the return of both Marco Aro & Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, Cradle of Filth) since their self-titled and sophomore release, respectively – they are back for their second effort together since their return on the soon-to-be released ‘Strength In Numbers’. Continue reading “Album Review: The Haunted – Strength in Numbers”

Album Review: Portrait – Burn the World

By Ryan Falla

It’s been eleven years since Swedish heavy metal band Portrait’s debut, and they’re still making big strides in the metal world. With their fourth record, ‘Burn the World’, Portrait looks to live up to the namesake of their album and set the world ablaze with their furious metal stylings. Much like heavy metal of the ’70’s and ’80s there’s a hint of power metal with darkened vibes swirled into the thrash metal goodness. Continue reading “Album Review: Portrait – Burn the World”

Album Review: Brendon Small – Galaktikon II: Become The Storm

By Rosie Walker

In 2006, the animated show Metalocalypse debuted on Adult Swim and metalheads around the world rejoiced. Creator Brendon Small made the show about a famous death metal band, Dethklok, and all their random adventures. It was a successful show that made everyone laugh and head-bang. In 2007, Brendon released, ‘The Dethalbum’, a record that complied all the bits of songs from the show and made them full-length. With Metalocalypse’s popularity, the album reach #21 on the Billboard 200 chart. ‘Dethalbum II’, Brendon’s second record, reached #15 on the chart in 2009, making it the highest charting death metal album in history. Brendan’s genius made metal mainstream and funny, but even after the show ended in 2013, he still makes metal today. On August 25, he is releasing ‘Galaktikon II’, his follow-up to ‘Galaktikon’, his debut solo record that came out in 2012. Brendon takes his creative weirdness and meshes the brutality of Dethklok with more melody and rock elements. On this new album, Brendon says… “all bets are off”. He takes his intergalactic themes to a whole new level by creating a series of outer space stories. He is in fact, making an anthology of aliens sound metal. Continue reading “Album Review: Brendon Small – Galaktikon II: Become The Storm”

The Black Dahlia Murder announces North American tour with Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Necrot, Wormwitch

The Black Dahlia Murder will be touring North America this October-November in support of their new album ‘Nightbringers’ (out October 6th via Metal Blade), with support acts Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Necrot and Wormwitch, plus Exhumed on select dates. Check out the dates below: Continue reading “The Black Dahlia Murder announces North American tour with Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Necrot, Wormwitch”

A Groundbreaking Ritual: Zeal & Ardor play First Ever U.S. Show

By Andrew Bansal

August 19th 2017, The Hi Hat, Los Angeles CA: Zeal & Ardor is the brainchild of Swiss-American musician and composer Manuel Gagneux, which he created when someone challenged him to mix two seemingly incompatible styles of music: black metal and African-American slave blues. Following the success of the debut album ‘Devil is Fine’, Zeal & Ardor is now performing live as a full six-piece band, and played their first show in the United States last Saturday August 19th at the Hi Hat in Los Angeles. What started out as a dare on an internet forum has rapidly evolved into something unique, groundbreaking and spellbinding, and the fortunate audience here witnessed it firsthand. Continue reading “A Groundbreaking Ritual: Zeal & Ardor play First Ever U.S. Show”

Photo Gallery: Metal Assault in San Diego Vol. 3 @ Brick By Brick

Photos by Scott Clift

August 17th 2017, Brick By Brick, San Diego CA: Volume 3 of our series of Metal Assault in San Diego events at Brick By Brick took place last Thursday and we were extremely pleased to present an eclectic blend of unique tribute acts and exciting young original bands, all from Los Angeles. Metal and Abba came together like never before, literally, as MetalAbba headlined this one and played their first ever full live set. Following their appearance at The Viper Room with us the night before, all-female Motörhead tribute act Motorbäbe made it a Metal Assault double-header and kicked even more ass at the Brick. Stoner rock trio The Rare Breed, the first band to ever take the stage for Metal Assault at our first show back in March, made some new fans in SD, as did industrial doom trio Fact Pattern, who opened this show with their dark, intense, powerful sonic landscapes. If you missed out on all this incredible talent, here is a pictorial recap by Scott Clift. Enjoy the photos below and mark your calendars for our next event at the Brick, Thursday September 7th! Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Metal Assault in San Diego Vol. 3 @ Brick By Brick”