Metal Assault Records launches Europe Store

Metal Assault Records is delighted to hereby announce that the label’s brand new European store is up and running, and the entirety of the existing catalog of releases is now available to European fans and customers to purchase directly from the new store.

As previously announced, MAR has teamed up with Plastic Head Music, making them the label’s exclusive distributor in the European territory (including all of the UK). The MAR + PH storefront is now live. The following is a list of available releases and physical formats (listed in reverse chronological order):

1. Sea Sleeper – Nostophobia (2021; CD)
2. Warwind – Arise (2020; CD, cassette tape*)
3. Haunted Garage – Slenderman … and Other Strange Tales Expanded EP (2020; 12″ vinyl*)
4. Living Darkness – The Bishop (2020; CD)
5. Old Blood – Acid Doom (2020; CD)
6. Metal Assault Records (Various Artists) – Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 3 (2020; cassette tape*)
7. Hvile I Kaos + Emerson Sinclair – Never Without The Pentagram (2020; CD)
8. RoadRash – RoadRash (2020; 7″ vinyl*)
9. Metal Assault Records (Various Artists) – Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 2 (2020; cassette tape*)
10. Solar Haze – Solar Haze (2019; 12″ vinyl*)
11. Dawn Fades – Dawn Fades (2019; 12″ vinyl*)

* Includes free digital download w/ purchase

New items will be added as and when new releases get added to the label’s catalog.

Fans can now visit the Euro store via this shortened custom URL: