LA Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Band MARISHI TEN Confirmed for METAL ASSAULT MIXTAPE Vol. 3

Another Monday, and another band announcement for Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 3!

Metal Assault Records is pleased to announce that LA hard rock / heavy metal band MARISHI TEN will be part of the lineup for the upcoming mixtape, with their latest single, “Never Look Back”. Produced by Mitchell Marlow, mixed by Jay Ruston and mastered by Evren Goknar, this stellar tune brings forth a well-rounded blend of catchy riffs, soaring clean vocals, a groovy rhythm section and a compelling guitar solo, deserving of a spot on this compilation and certainly enhancing the quality of the music on offer.

About Marishi Ten:

Marishi Ten was born by the desire of frontwoman, Linda Lou (lead vocals/guitar) to conceive a band that would encompass the foremost characteristics of time-honored heavy metal and hard rock. Inspired by the samurai goddess of light, the band derived their name as an homage to the deity’s primary characteristic– fearlessness actualized through self-mastery. It seems only fitting that through such mastery, a guitar wielding front woman, influenced by the gods of metal before her (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Metallica) would arrive as a new legend for whom the world is waiting.

Marishi Ten links: facebook | instagram

This is what the band lineup for the mixtape currently looks like, in alphabetical order:
Anthea (symphonic / power metal)
Blackwater Reds (rock ‘n roll)
Deified (progressive death metal)
Flesh And Machine (grind / punk / hardcore)
Fleshbong (grindcore)
Marishi Ten (hard rock / heavy metal)
Rising Elijah (rock ‘n roll / heavy metal)
The Sleeping Sea King (hard rock / heavy metal)
Solar Haze (stoner metal / psych rock)
Warwind (melodic death metal / black metal)

Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 3 will be released on August 14 2020 on limited-edition cassette tape plus digital download. More band announcements, final track listing and pre-order launch will follow in the next few weeks. Watch this space …

METAL ASSAULT MIXTAPE – Vol. 3 (August 14 2020)