LA Progressive Death Metal Group DEIFIED Confirmed For METAL ASSAULT MIXTAPE Vol. 3

Metal Assault Records is absolutely chuffed to reveal the seventh band confirmed for Volume 3 of the label’s cassette tape compilation series, releasing this summer.

Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 3 will feature a brand new, exclusive, previously unreleased track called “Harvester” by Los Angeles based progressive death metal unit, DEIFIED. Taking massive inspiration from Devin Townsend and Strapping Young Lad, Deified presents an impressively dynamic and exuberant take on extreme heavy metal, and upon hearing this track, first-timers are sure to turn into fans instantly.

Founded in 2018, Deified is the kind of band that grabs you by the throat upon first sight and listen, in a manner of speaking. The band’s 2019 self-titled debut EP is a solid three-song introduction to their sonic prowess. Plus, the sheer intensity and power of their live performance makes them a force to be reckoned with, as Metal Assault discovered when Deified got booked on some of our events, most recently as part of the 2020 Wacken Metal Battle (before the whole competition was declared null and void due to COVID-19, of course). Within each of their songs, the manner in which Deified progressively transitions between passages of varying style and tempo, and the seamless shifts between clean and harsh vocals, it all adds up to a very compelling package that our readers and followers would certainly be able to appreciate with ease. The new track “Harvester” successfully captures Deified’s fury as a live band combined with their finesse as a group of excellent musicians, and serves as a wonderful addition to an already stacked lineup for Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 3.

Deified is:
Alex Siegfried (vocals / lead guitar)
Dave “Antorok” Abalos (rhythm guitar / backing vocals)
Maxx Richmond (bass)
Steve Anderson (drums)
Mickey Myhan (keyboards)

Deified links: facebook | instagram

Photos by Trinidad Valdez

This is what the band lineup for the mixtape currently looks like, in alphabetical order:
Anthea (symphonic / power metal)
Blackwater Reds (rock ‘n roll)
Deified (progressive death metal)
Flesh And Machine (grind / punk / hardcore)
Fleshbong (grindcore)
The Sleeping Sea King (hard rock / heavy metal)
Warwind (melodic death metal / black metal)

Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 3 will be released on August 14 2020 on limited-edition cassette tape plus digital download. More band announcements, final track listing and pre-order launch will follow in the next few weeks. Watch this space …

METAL ASSAULT MIXTAPE – Vol. 3 (8.14.2020)