San Diego duo TZIMANI Confirmed for Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 1

Metal Assault Records is chuffed to announce San Diego CA hard rock / NWOTHM duo TZIMANI as the next confirmed band for Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 1, the label’s summer compilation project slated for an August 9 release.

Tzimani began their journey as a band in 2017, and you would be hard pressed to find a band as driven and motivated as this one, comprising the brotherly duo of Eddie and Sebastian Vazquez. Add to that their individual and collective abilities to write and perform songs that are catchy yet heavy, old-school yet modern, finding a balance not many bands can claim to have attained. With a stellar debut EP and several touring runs already under their belt, Tzimani is now ready to present a special treat for their fans and for all metalheads and rock ‘n rollers alike, with a song that has been hidden away in their vault for a while. “Carry On” will be released exclusively on the Metal Assault Mixtape. To be revealed very soon!

As previously announced, Orange CA old-school heavy metal group Tyranis and LA instrumental power trio Zinngeshrei are the other bands confirmed for the Mixtape so far. More announcements coming soon.


Based out of San Diego, California, Tzimani (pronounced “Si-maani”) was formed in 2017 by brothers Eddie Vazquez (guitar, bass, vocals) and Sebastian Vazquez (drums), and has quickly made waves in the underground hard rock / heavy metal circuit, circulating rapidly as a breath of fresh air in the modern-day musical atmosphere. Catchy melodies, scintillating guitar leads, groovy rhythmic patterns and soaring clean vocals punctuate songs that force listeners to instantly hit “Repeat” and be left wanting more. Taking natural influence from listening to the classic hard rock and traditional heavy metal through their upbringing but not consciously attempting to be a revival band, Tzimani infuses elements from other sub-genres and adds a modern touch to their brand of heavy music, self-coined “trad mod”.

With an ambitious attitude since day one, Tzimani is by no means a weekend warrior band. The duo released their first two singles in 2017 and toured the Western US in 2017 to promote their newly formed sound. In 2018, they completed three more tours, hitting parts of the East Coast for the first time, as well as playing their first Canadian show, to a rousing reception and unanimous approval from the metal-loving crowd in Vancouver BC. With the Spring 2019 ‘Final Hour’ tour, the band continues to hit yet more new markets in the US and Canada.

Across their travels and regional appearances, Tzimani has shared the stage with several established national and international touring acts, such as Swedish groups Avatar and Truckfighers and fellow American bands Mothership, Huntress and Vicious Rumors.

Tzimani is signed to Noize Cartel Records for digital distribution, but the band self-released the debut EP on all physical formats, CD, vinyl and cassette. Tzimani is also featured on the No Legacy vinyl compilation, produced by Erik Kluiber (Void Vator / ex Gypsyhawk), showcasing nine of “the finest underground heavy bands from Southern and Northern California”, according to Kluiber.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Tzimani as they gear up to continue storming through the scene on a headstrong mission to leave an indelible stamp on the genre with their signature sound and unique performances!

What the press is saying about Tzimani:

“Despite sparking synapses associated with a variety of high-octane hard rock and metal birthed in the days of yore, this self titled debut EP genuinely feels fresh-faced. Pull on your leather, put the pedal to the metal, and smell the gasoline …” – Sleeping Village Reviews

“One of the best bands to come out of the San Diego area and another great signing by Metal Assault Management. These tracks fill you with that 70s-80s Heavy Metal you love and need in your life, but it’s updated just enough to give their own flavoring. What makes this even better is that this band is two brothers, Eddie and Sebastian Vazquez. It’s great to see family that gets together for the power of metal. They are going to go far if they are capable of this so early in their career.” – That Drummer Guy (Tzimani EP lands at #5 on top 15 EPs of 2018)

“Considering the relative short time together as Tzimani, it’s easy to gauge the band’s great instincts when it comes to songwriting, performance, and execution. They have all the tools to get the beer flowing and the fists flying high, and that’s the name of the game to building an audience in the metal landscape.” – Dead Rhetoric

“The song [Overdrive] is a thrashing speed demon of a hit, only ever slowing down to release a soaring refrain with a powerful vocal delivery. The guitars are downright filthy in their approach, ripping through solos and arpeggios with ease, not to mention the blistering pace of the verse riff.” – New Noise Magazine

“This was only an EP, can you imagine how their full length will be like? This nice little teaser will have your speed demon wanting more.” – Ugh Metal

Press photos by Chris McFly

Tzimani links:

Tzimani remaining “Final Hour” US tour dates:
4.05 – Omaha, NE @ The Drinkery
4.07 – Dallas, TX @ Reno’s Chop Shop
4.08 – San Antonio, TX @ The Mix
4.09 – San Angelo, TX @ The Deadhorse
4.11 – Bisbee, AZ @ The Quarry
4.12 – Tarzana, CA @ Petie’s Place
4.13 – Oceanside, CA @ The Pour House


In case you can’t tell, curating heavy music is what we live and die for, and in that spirit, we are pleased to be doing something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time but are now finally able to, with our own label. This coming summer, on August 9 2019, Metal Assault Records will be releasing a mixtape compilation, simply titled Metal Assault Mixtape.

As the name suggests, Metal Assault Mixtape will be released on cassette tape as a limited edition, but every purchase of the cassette tape will be accompanied by a free digital download of the whole compilation album.

The duration of the compilation is yet to be finalized and will depend on the lengths of songs we end up with. Ideally, we are looking to include up to 12 bands for a full-length compilation clocking in up to 60 minutes in total.

We would like to take this opportunity to restate that we are still seeking submissions from bands interested in participating in Metal Assault Mixtape. Please allow us to clarify that all submissions need to be of brand new / previously unreleased tracks, and have to remain exclusive to the mixtape only. Please feel free to contact us at demo [at] metalassault dot com.