Playlist: Best Songs of 2018

Last week, we revealed the editor’s picks for the best albums of 2018, and now it’s time to go deeper into our year-end listathon. Some albums are meant to be listened to in their entirety, while others offer songs that stand out on their own. Then there were some EP releases that could not be considered for the best albums list but boast fantastic songs. This list spotlights the editor’s picks for the best songs of the year. Listen to it using the Spotify player below, and give Metal Assault a ‘Follow’ if you’re a Spotify user.

Best Songs of 2018, in countdown order from #20 to #1:

#20. Stonecutters – Carved in Time
#19. Revocation – Of Unworldly Origin
#18. Orange Goblin – Renegade
#17. Holy Grove – Aurora
#16. Fu Manchu – (I’ve Been) Hexed
#15. Against The Grain – Cheated Death
#14. White Wizzard – Storm The Shores
#13. Witch Mountain – Mechanical World
#12. Silver Talon- Speed of the Night
#11. Cauldron – Drown
#10. Riot V – Victory
#9. Tribulation – Nightbound
#8. Haunt – Frozen in Time
#7. Bullet – Fuel the Fire
#6. Corrosion of Conformity – Cast the First Stone
#5. Graveyard – A Sign of Peace
#4. ASG – Survive Sunrise
#3. Zeal & Ardor – Don’t You Dare
#2. The Lion’s Daughter – Die into Us
#1. Idle Hands – Blade and the Will

Crank it up!

– by Andrew Bansal