Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 2 * SOLD OUT *


Metal Assault Records’ second compilation release, featuring 11 mighty fine underground heavy bands from Los Angeles and beyond.

Releasing on January 31 2020, the mixtape is available on cassette tape (limited to 150 copies only), as well as digitally. Every purchase of the cassette tape comes with a free digital download of the whole compilation album.

Track Listing + Stream:

Total Run Time 46:40

A brief intro of each band and more info in the description below.




1. VOID VATOR – “Nitrus”: One of the best bands to come out of Los Angeles in the past few years, Void Vator is quintessential hard rock and heavy metal with modern flavor and exuberant attitude. A band known and loved for its brilliant lead vocals and vocal melodies puts more of the spotlight on their equally impressive instrumental prowess on “Nitrus”, an absolutely perfect opener to this mixtape.

Void Vator links: facebook | twitter | instagram

2. MONOLITH – “Man Without A Soul”: Longtime purveyors of all things old-school metal, Oceanside, California stalwarts Monolith have gifted us with a rare gem, the previously unreleased “Man Without A Soul”, a scintillating ode to Di’Anno-era Iron Maiden in all its charged-up, fast-paced, no-holds-barred glory.

Monolith links: facebook | instagram

3. HYDERA – “Witch King”: It is difficult for a band playing power metal to stand out amidst the plethora of bands pursuing that style, but there is no denying that LA’s own Hydera (previously known as Decade) does it astoundingly well. “Witch King”, an instant classic of a tune, showcases this to the maximum.

Hydera links: facebook | instagram

4. LIVING DARKNESS – “Destructible”: An exciting new band based out of Los Angeles, Living Darkness is all things old-school metal presented with unbridled passion, as evident on their debut single which gives Side A of this mixtape an unmistakable adrenaline rush.

Living Darkness links: facebook | instagram

5. MOTOR GUN HOTEL – “Leave It All Behind”: Doing justice to ’90s-style hard rock, Orange County based Motor Gun Hotel excels at keeping it simple and doing the basics right with solid riffs and good songwriting. The title track off of their latest EP sits well on this compilation.

Motor Gun Hotel links: facebook | instagram

6. APARANT – “Home”: Los Angeles based trio Aparant gives their own take on modern progressive hard rock and it makes for enjoyable listening. Their two 2019 EP releases Creator  and The Great Forest are worthy examples of this, and their brand new tune, “Home”, leaning more towards the heavy metal spectrum, takes things up a notch.

Aparant links: facebook | instagram


7. DRIFT – “From Within”: Combining their influences from industrial metal and bluesy classic hard rock, LA based quartet Drift is doing something fresh and exciting with their brand of heavy music, complete with distinct imagery and theatrics. The opening track and the catchiest tune from their debut album also turns out to be a fitting way to open Side B of this compilation.

Drift links: facebook | instagram

8. HELL KROSS – “Howl Of The Wolf Brigade”: One of Los Angeles’ most entertaining new bands is Hell Kross, putting on some of the best live performances going around in town. But at the heart of it all is the group’s love for old-school metal, and as a result they have come up with tunes that boast fantastic musicianship. They feature on this mixtape with a brand new, previously unreleased tune that is certain to appease any and every metalhead.

Hell Kross links: facebook | twitter | instagram

9. CIRCLE OF SIGHS – “Burden Of The Flesh”: Occult-themed synth-doom outfit Circle Of Sighs is a multi-national collective that comes with a sense of mystery and anonymity with it, and it is perhaps best to let them retain this mystery, because the music speaks for itself, and greatly enriches this mixtape.

Circle Of Sighs links: facebook | instagram

10. GRIM EARTH – “Ruins”: No compilation would be complete without a hearty dosage of crushing heavy, sludgy doom metal. Hailing from Olympia, Washington, Grim Earth lives up to its name and delivers it in plenty on this monstrous tune from their latest EP.

Grim Earth links: facebook | instagram

11. THE BLUE PRISON – “Vengeance”: Two-piece bands are bringing about a new revolution in music, and there’s no better example of this than Los Angeles duo The Blue Prison. Impressing local audiences with compelling performances, they have captured their brand of instrumental progressive shred on their newest studio recording, which serves as an apt closer to this compilation.

The Blue Prison links: facebook | instagram

In other news, we are conducting two events to celebrate the release of the mixtape, wherein most of the aforementioned bands will be performing. These events will also be tied in with the 10-year anniversary celebration of Metal Assault.


1. Friday January 31 2020 @ Old Towne Pub (Pasadena CA), featuring Drift, Hell Kross, Hydera & The Blue Prison. First 50 paid entrants get a free copy of the mixtape (while supplies last).

facebook event page

2. Saturday February 8 2020 @ Old Towne Pub (Pasadena CA), featuring Monolith, Void Vator, Circle Of Sighs, Motor Gun Hotel and Living Darkness. First 50 paid entrants get a free copy of the mixtape (while supplies last).

facebook event page

Some of the tracks will be revealed in the weeks leading up to the release, and digital pre-orders will also be launched very soon. Stay tuned for more updates!