Album Release Dates 2017



Armored Saint – Carpe Noctum (Metal Blade) review
Benighted – Necrobreed (Season Of Mist)
Bloodbound – War Of Dragons (AFM)
Crystal Fairy – Crystal Fairy (Ipecac) review
Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars (Napalm) review
Felix Martin – Mechanical Nations (Independent)
Ghost Against Ghost – Still Love (Our Silent Canvas)
Helion Prime – Helion Prime (AFM)
Immolation – Atonement (Nuclear Blast) review
King Woman – Created in the Image of Suffering (Relapse)
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord) review
Pyrogenesis – A Kingdom To Disappear (AFM)
Reaping Asmodeia – Impuritize (Prosthetic) review
Sanctuary – Inception (Century Media) review
Sicocis – Requiem of the World (M-Theory Audio)
Six Feet Under – Torment (Metal Blade) review
Striker – Striker (Breaking Records) review
Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence (Nuclear Blast) review
Tokyo Motor Fist – Tokyo Motor Fist (Frontiers)
Unearthly Trance – Stalking The Ghost (Relapse) review
Zeal & Ardor – Devil Is Fine (MVKA) review
Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard – Supersonic Rock N’ Roll (Napalm)

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