Album Review: Mos Generator – Shadowlands

Washington based trio Mos Generator brings us their newest full-length, the album titled ‘Shadowlands’. While very much a metal trio, there are more than enough hard rock sensibilities and groove jams that keep the music of Mos Generator flowing and ever-fresh. ‘Shadowlands’ takes on many forms of metal filled with various nuances that keep the music trending in an upward direction the entire play-through. Continue reading “Album Review: Mos Generator – Shadowlands”

Album Review: Overkill – Live in Overhausen

When you talk about heavy metal bands that have survived three or more decades and continue to ply their trade in the present day, you often come across many of them celebrating landmark anniversaries, whether it be the inception of the band itself, or the release of a marquee album from their discography. The trend is to embark on a world tour to perform a “greatest hits” set, or a particular album in its entirety. While the band succeeds in reaching a larger number of fans in this manner, it could also make the occasion less special. In many cases it is even used as a cop-out by bands running out of ideas to come up with proper tour set lists. Refreshingly, New Jersey thrash metal stalwarts Overkill decided to do this differently, and the result is right in front of us. Continue reading “Album Review: Overkill – Live in Overhausen”

Album Review: Yeghikian – The Greatest Hits

Los Angeles based Yeghikian is perhaps one of the hardest bands to categorize. Is it stoner rock? Hard rock? Heavy metal? Who knows … may be a bit of everything. But one thing we do know is this band exudes exemplary songwriting skills. Very rarely would you come across such instantly catchy songs that retain the groove, speed and heaviness to present commercial appeal yet garner musical credibility in equal measure. Although having had a song featured on the popular TV show ‘American Dad’, Yeghikian remains one of Los Angeles music scene’s best kept secrets. Well, it shouldn’t be a secret, and if the band’s recently released and cleverly titled debut full-length album ‘The Greatest Hits’ is anything to go by, they should be a household name instead. Yes, really. Continue reading “Album Review: Yeghikian – The Greatest Hits”

Album Review: Aura Noir – Aura Noire

The juggernaut of seminal Norwegian black thrash group Aura Noir has rolled on with consistent fury and unstoppable force for the past 25 years, offering plenty to worshippers of all things musically extreme throughout this time, with five full-length albums and several other intermittent releases. The trio has now released its sixth full-length, the eponymous ‘Aura Noire’. It has been six years since the last album ‘Out to Die’, but fans would more than likely come to the conclusion that this new one has been worth the wait, and those of you (still!) unfamiliar with the band would find it to be an ideal entry point into the savage sonic landscape of Aura Noir. Continue reading “Album Review: Aura Noir – Aura Noire”

Review: Albatross – Where Do Sheep Disappear? (Single)

Inspired by horror-laden themes, Albatross is a band based out of Mumbai, India, and pride themselves as purveyors of “storytelling heavy metal”, in the vein of King Diamond and the like. The band garnered attention in India and beyond with their 2010 debut EP ‘Dinner is You’, furthermore with the follow-up EP ‘The Kissing Flies’ and split release with American band Vestal Claret (2012). They built up perfectly to their first full-length release ‘Fear From The Skies’ in 2015, and hit the home run with compelling music and concept. Since then, Albatross has been laying low, but have finally re-emerged with a brand new single, ‘Where Do Sheep Disappear?’ A band clearly not afraid to attempt the unconventional and untrendy, Albatross constantly challenges and pushes their own boundaries, and has done so once again with this chilling 8-minute ballad. Continue reading “Review: Albatross – Where Do Sheep Disappear? (Single)”

Album Review: Bullet – Dust to Gold

Swedish hard rock and heavy metal bands have played a significant role in keeping our favorite genre alive and well for the past four decades, specially in recent times, as the country has produced a plethora of exciting young bands that have infused some much-needed passion and firepower. Putting their hometown of Växjö on the global heavy music map is the quintet Bullet, which has been in existence since 2001 and has proudly presented its brand of no-frills, no-bullshit, no-holds-barred hard rock/heavy metal, through five full-length studio albums and countless scintillating live performances. Bullet has just released their sixth LP ‘Dust to Gold’, and it absolutely does not disappoint. Continue reading “Album Review: Bullet – Dust to Gold”

Album Review: High Priestess – Self-Titled

High Priestess is a psychedelic power trio based out of Los Angeles, their self-titled debut seeing its release on Ripple Music. The all-female trio of High Priestess consists of Katie Gilchrest on guitar/vocals, Mariana Fiel on bass/vocals, and Megan Mullins on drums. The self-titled titled debut contains six tracks, the longest one clocking in at 10 minutes. Each track takes you through an intensely personal psychedelic trip by way of softly-tempo’d, completely immersive journeys through the ethereal musical landscapes presented by High Priestess. Continue reading “Album Review: High Priestess – Self-Titled”

Album Review: Riot V – Armor Of Light

The band Riot started out in 1975 and became one of the real originators of true American old-school heavy metal, and despite numerous lineup changes, they never faded away and persistently waved that flag and carried the torch of which the righteous heavy metal flame perennially burned throughout. Up until 2012, Riot still had one original and founding member in guitarist Mark Reale, but he passed away that year, and this is where the life story of this band took a pleasantly surprising and unexpected turn. With no original members left but a full lineup of undeniably excellent musicians, the new incarnation of Riot decided to move forward with the moniker of Riot V, aiming to pay tribute and homage to Mark Reale but with a clear focus on writing brand new material. The Riot V debut album ‘Unleash the Fire’ (2014) is glorious in every sense of the word and stands as one of the finest traditional / power metal releases to have surfaced since year 2000. Did this band have more than one album in them? As we get ready for the release of the follow-up LP ‘Armor Of Light’, I am pleased to report that the answer is an emphatic Yes. Continue reading “Album Review: Riot V – Armor Of Light”