2015 Mid-Year Recap: Best Albums


By Andrew Bansal

The year of 2015 has rolled on to its half-way point, and it’s been six months of compelling new music, released consistently week after week, across all sub-genres of all things heavy. Without further ado, here are my picks for the top 15 full-length studio albums released in 2015 so far: Continue reading

Throwback Thursday Photo Gallery: AC/DC @ The Forum, Los Angeles 1982


In this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday, we take you back to the 1981-82 ‘For Those About To Rock’ world tour headlined by Australian rock icons AC/DC. As part of this tour, they performed at the Forum in Los Angeles on February 21st 1982. Our photographer Matt Nielson was in attendance to capture some images, and he has found them from his archives for us. It’s notable that AC/DC’s tour set lists have not changed much at all in the 33 years since this tour, and they are still relevant enough to sell out venues of the same size, but most importantly, they still bring the same level of boundless energy that they did back in the day. Enjoy the photos below: Continue reading

Throwback Thursday Photo Gallery: Iron Maiden @ Le Club, Montreal 1981

ufj2bjyIn the inaugural edition of Metal Assault’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ feature, we look back at some classic live photos from Iron Maiden’s Paul Di’Anno era, or the ‘Jurassic Period’ as Bruce Dickinson fondly referred to it on stage once. On their world tour in support of the second full-length studio album ‘Killers’, Iron Maiden performed at Le Club in Montreal QC, Canada on June 21 1981, nearly 34 years ago. Le Club was a 1200-capacity venue that changed its name to Alouette Theatre in 1982 and later down the line became Le Spectrum, eventually closing its doors in 2007. These raw, unedited photos taken by Montreal-based veteran photographer Wayne William Archibald offer a unique insight into the formative years of the band’s career, and showcases the members at a very young age. Enjoy the gallery below (click to enlarge), and how’s that for an Iron Maiden set list?! Continue reading