Best EP Releases Of 2016

By Andrew Bansal


In addition to all the full-length albums that we listen to every year, there is also a whole lot of EP releases surfacing at the same time. These relatively much shorter releases serve as a great mid-point for bands between albums, and often present songs that couldn’t fit onto a past release but are strong enough to see the light of day. We’ve never done a list feature on EPs before, but since 2016 witnessed several undeniably excellent EPs by bands new and old, here is our first ever list of this kind, picking ten of the best from 2016. Continue reading

‘We Are X’: A Gripping, Emotional Story Of An Incredible Band

By Andrew Bansal


The best part of being a music lover in the 21st century is the opportunity to discover the wealth of great music that shaped subsequent generations of musicians, and at some point, had a direct or indirect impact on music that’s current today. With easy access to the internet and tools like YouTube and Spotify, people are constantly expanding their musical knowledge base. In addition, once in a while there comes an officially sanctioned, professionally compiled documentary film focusing on one certain hard rock/heavy metal band, and more such films have been released in recent times. Oftentimes, this genre centers around glorification and romanticization of the highs and lows of the rock n’ roll life, but in the case of Japanese power/speed/glam/symphonic/progressive metal veterans X Japan, the unmistakably intense and powerful ‘We Are X’ captures a very real, genuine story of this unique band and its eccentric protagonist. First screened at the Sundance Festival in January 2016 and premiered in the US on October 21st, ‘We Are X’ was shown as part of the International Documentary Association series on November 14th at the Landmark in Los Angeles along with a post-screening Q&A with director Stephen Kijak, and Metal Assault does not regret accepting the invite. Continue reading

Tour Blog: In The Lair Of The Huntress – Part 3

By Andrew Bansal


Huntress’ 7-week Fall 2016 US trek marched onto its fourth week and beyond, and this installment of my ‘In The Lair Of The Huntress’ tour blog brings you stories, thoughts and anecdotes from quite a sizable chunk of the tour, the ‘business end’, so to speak, with some major cities as well as B and C market towns along the way through mostly lengthy and rarely short drives. Before you proceed, catch up with Part 1 and Part 2. Continue reading