Album Review: Once Human – Evolution

By Francisco Zamudio

For some, genre labels are unnecessary and “un-cool”. “It either rocks or it doesn’t, bro”, and to them nowadays, everything rocks. And no matter how many new bands come out, more often than not it seems, you have more bands aiming their marketability towards the mainstream by incorporating a multitude of genres in their songwriting, to reach a broader audience. But it’s necessary to distinguish and identify the multiple genres within metal, or how else will you be able to describe what it is you like? Now, while a female-fronted metal band isn’t necessarily a genre but a preference – on paper, Once Human is a noteworthy band now carrying that heavy helm. Continue reading “Album Review: Once Human – Evolution”

Album Review: Emmure – Look At Yourself

By Anthony Joseph

Here in 2017 with the over-saturation of bands and cookie-cutter riffs that often occur, most bands can get lost in a sea of noise and sounds that begin to blur together. That is not the case with Emmure and their brand new album entitled ‘Look At Yourself’. Emmure have been on the rise throughout the years, carving their path in the metal scene being labeled by the media as either deathcore, hardcore, metalcore, and even nu-metal. Emmure sounds like Emmure and most fans would agree. Continue reading “Album Review: Emmure – Look At Yourself”

Album Review: Dealer – Billionaire Boys Club

By Ryan Falla

Bringing a special brand of punk-grunge from their hometown of Los Angeles, the three-piece act ‘Dealer’ are dropping their debut record ‘Billionaire Boys Club’. Crafted from a deep angst born from founding member and singer/guitarist Kevin Clausens’ struggles in getting a musical project going. Dealer represents years of failed musical projects and struggles to get the band off the ground, finally coming together in 2016 as Sexless before a name change and lineup finalization. What’s striking about the record ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ isn’t the journey taken to create this album, but the level of emotion present in the album. Continue reading “Album Review: Dealer – Billionaire Boys Club”

Album Review: Mutiny Within – Origins

By Rosie Walker

Out of New Jersey comes a metal band that is difficult to categorize. Mutiny Within has defied genre boundaries since their self-titled debut album in 2010. The band has been through some tough times since then, but their third album is finally seeing the light of day. Holding true to their eluding ways, ‘Origins’ is a record Mutiny Within fans should be excited about. The band made a dent in the scene when they became road warriors promoting their first album in 2010. It was obvious they were hard-working and truly loved what they did, but sometimes that’s not enough for a band to keep going. Hitting financial trouble, they went on a hiatus in 2011. Though they independently released another album in 2013, things remained relatively quiet for the band. Yet their fans were faithful, and are now rewarded for their patience. Continue reading “Album Review: Mutiny Within – Origins”

Album Review: Suicide Silence – Self-Titled

By Anthony Joseph

Suicide Silence are back this year with their brand new self-titled LP. This is the band’s fifth studio record, the first since 2014’s ‘You Can’t Stop Me’, and their second on the Nuclear Blast label. This is also their second full length album to feature vocalist Eddie Hermida, who replaced the late Mitch Lucker. I’ll admit, I am a big Suicide Silence fan and have been since 2007’s ‘The Cleansing’, and I was actually quite skeptical myself coming into this new album because of what the band had previously been saying in interviews leading up to the premiere of the first single ‘Doris’. The song raised quite the controversy over the internet and the metal community because of its use of clean vocals and analog tape recording, and ultimately the loss of some of the band’s fanbase as a result of this newfound musical direction they were going in. Continue reading “Album Review: Suicide Silence – Self-Titled”