Album Review: Equilibrium – Armageddon

By Rosie Walker

Equilibrium is a bright light in the epic European metal scene. Since the band’s humble beginnings in 2001, they have managed to manufacture music that is distinctive and enjoyable. Their newest addition, ’Armageddon’, is the band’s fifth album and surpasses all expectations. Hailing from the Southern regions of Germany, these guys highlight their roots by incorporating the unique German culture into their sound and lyrics. Plus a majority of their songs are sung in German, but you don’t need a translator to enjoy and understand the vibrant, fun music on this new album, which again proves that heavy metal is a universal language. Continue reading “Album Review: Equilibrium – Armageddon”

Album Review: Tygers Of Pan Tang – Self-Titled

By Ryan Falla

Tygers of Pan Tang finally break back into the American scene after a 34 year absence with their self-titled record ‘Tygers of Pan Tang’. Tygers is a classic NWOBHM band that originated in the roots of the musical movement. They may not be the most memorable band to come out of the NWOBHM movement, but there is little doubt to the question of their success. However, there is a definite reason as to why they don’t share the same success as other bands to come from the same era. Continue reading “Album Review: Tygers Of Pan Tang – Self-Titled”

Album Review: Mastodon – Emperor of Sand

By Erik Brasher

The idea of “time” is established in every culture. We all see its effects but it still seems somehow elusive and mysterious. It seems to be a mathematical constant, but sometimes it appears to move fast or slow. It is truly valuable because we all wish we had more to spend, and we don’t like to waste it. This continual passage of time is personified as the ‘Emperor of Sand’ in the newest album from Mastodon. Continue reading “Album Review: Mastodon – Emperor of Sand”

Album Review: Warbringer – Woe to The Vanquished

By Ryan Falla

Take a look to the blue skies above you. Now imagine a sudden flash of light, it gets hot and your skin starts to burn. The soundwaves from the blast that just ruptured the sky is so powerful it blows away the remnants of your melting skin and leaves you as a living, perpetually decomposing husk. The skies are covered with a blanket of ash from the nuclear winter as all life is blotted out of existence. Imagine the playground scene from Terminator 2 played on frame-by-frame mode, each frame of the nuclear destruction extended into a lifetime.

This is Warbringer. Continue reading “Album Review: Warbringer – Woe to The Vanquished”

Album Review: Deficiency – The Dawn of Consciousness

By Rosie Walker

From the northern regions of France emerges the metal act, Deficiency. Kicking things off back in 2008, these fellas have flourished in France and most of Europe since. Deficiency really grabbed the scene’s attention with their last album ‘The Prodigal Child’ in 2013 and everyone has been waiting to see what they do next. Their third record that comes out next week, ’The Dawn of Consciousness’, is a cool, cohesive concept album that explodes with ferocious intensity and does not disappoint. Continue reading “Album Review: Deficiency – The Dawn of Consciousness”

Review: Edge of Paradise – Alive EP

By Andrew Bansal

Los Angeles based metal quartet Edge Of Paradise was formed in 2011 but has already gained attention, recognition and respect in the LA hard rock and heavy metal community through their two full-length albums ‘Mask’ (2011) and ‘Immortal Waltz’ (2015) as well as live performances. While they embarked on several adventures into unchartered territories far and beyond LA in the last year or two, they were also hard at work on new music, and the result is now in front us, in the band’s first EP and third release, ‘Alive’. Continue reading “Review: Edge of Paradise – Alive EP”