‘Top 50 Albums Of 2013’ Countdown – #39: Nekrofilth – Devil’s Breath

By Andrew Bansal

Cleveland, Ohio-based death/thrash crossover punk outfit Nekrofilth features Nunslaughter guitarist Zack Rose on guitar and vocals, and began their journey as a band in 2008. A few demo, split, live and EP releases later, they finally came out with their full-length debut album “Devil’s Breath” via Hells Headbangers Records this year. It took a long time coming but has certainly turned out to be worth the wait, both for the band and their fans. A devastating slab of ear-splitting extreme metal with a prominent punk crossover, Devil’s Breath delivers on all fronts and boasts of some offensively filthy lyrics that go perfectly hand in hand with the music. ‘Crave The Grave’ begins this punishing assault with full force and continues to throw fast and furious punches at the listener with tunes like ‘Scum Freak’, ‘Death Rush’, ‘Junkie Cunt’ and ‘Blood Bug’. But it’s not all about speed, as slow bangers like ‘I’m A Degenerate’ and ‘Crocodile’ help keep the album sufficiently diverse. Perhaps the biggest strength of the album, and one of the main reasons it finds itself in this list, is the the top-class production, which is rare for albums portraying this style of music. The quality of production makes this album listenable and extracts the best out of the music. Zack Rose and the boys in Nekrofilth have succeeded in coming up with a stellar debut, a must-listen for all fans of extreme metal and crossover punk.

Track Listing:
1. Crave the Grave
2. Scum Freak
3. Wormskull
4. Death Rush
5. Deep Inside Disease
6. I’m A Degenerate
7. Crocodile
8. Junkie Cunt
9. Devil’s Breath
10. Lead Us to the Dead
11. Smear the Sleaze
12. Volcanic Zit
13. Blood Bug

Duration: 25.4 minutes

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