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SYLOSIS: Edge Of The Earth (Album Review)

By Kate Wilcox

Release Date: April 19th, 2011
Review Date: April 16th, 2011
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

My rating:

    Track Listing:
  1. Procession
  2. Sands of Time
  3. Empyreal
  4. Empyreal (Part 2)
  5. A Serpents Tongue
  6. Awakening
  7. Kingdom of Solitude
  8. Where the Sky Ends
  9. Dystopia
  10. Apparitions
  11. Altered States of Consciousness
  12. Beyond the Resurrected
  13. Eclipsed
  14. From the Edge of the Earth

Sylosis has taken a huge step forward with their sophomore album "Edge of the Earth", retiring their metalcore sound and replacing it with a more updated version of thrash metal. With Josh Middleton taking over the vocals he supplies an unlimited amount of aggression with low growls combined with high shrieks and massive lungpower. Tracks like "Procession" show the amazing chops of Alex Bailey, and they've managed to capture the Bay Area thrash sound of bands such as Testament and Exodus and put a unique twist on it.

Bailey and Middleton also take on more of a melodic approach with their guitar playing on tracks such as "Sands Of Time"; which is a nice change from other bands who show how fast they can shred on every single track. "Empyreal" is packed with brutality, balanced with a rhythmic solo that is followed by "Empyreal Part 2" that lays out some fantastic tremolo picking. "Awakening" shows off Rob Callard's drumming talents which have taken a huge step up from the usual double pedal drumming. Sylosis gives a huge nod to old school thrash outfits with "Kingdom of Solitude". As guitar riffs rip alongside Josh's savage vocals they are only briefly interrupted to show off some more of Alex's skilled guitar work.

The mellow "Where the Sky Ends" is a nice surprise that starts out softly and then rhythmically chugs along with dual guitars spiraling in and out. "Beyond the Resurrected" is another great track that offers a ton of variety and really hones in on the band's musical abilities. Almost crossing over to the progressive metal, Sylosis closes with the ambient "From the Edge of the Earth" and features some of Josh's cleaner and more melodic vocals.

Some might say that this album is on the long side but I would strongly suggest that that you listen to the whole album to truly understand what "Edge of the Earth" is offering here. This is a dynamic album that shows the different sides of Sylosis. I highly recommend picking this up!

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