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ARSIS: Starve For The Devil (Album Review)

By Kate Wilcox

Release Date: February 9th, 2010
Review Date: April 17th, 2011
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

My rating:

    Track Listing:
  1. Forced to rock
  2. A March for the Sick
  3. From Soulless to Shattered (Art in Dying)
  4. Beyond Forlorn
  5. The Ten of Swords
  6. Closer to Cold
  7. Sick Perfection
  8. Half Past Corpse O'Clock
  9. Escape Artist
  10. Sable Rising

Arsis have shown that they are ready to kick some ass with their combination of melodic and technical death metal. Mike Van Dyne back on drums gives "Starve for the Devil" an intensity that was missing on "We Are the Nightmare". James Malone brings back his black metal snarls but the emphasis is really on the masterful guitar duals between Malone and Nick Cordle.

Thrash anthem "Forced to Rock" is the opener and takes the listener on a ride of shredding solos and power shouts that lets us see the playful side of Arsis. Not to say that there isn't some serious musicianship on this album; rhythmic solos are prominent on tracks such as "March for the Sick". Those who may be surprised to hear a change in style from their previous releases will still want to give "Starve for a Devil" a chance as they will witness a step forward into more technical and memorable riffing instead of just the straightforward brutality that they've given us before.

The heaviness is not missing at all on "From Soulless to Shattered (Art in Dying)" as Malone's blood-curdling screams reign throughout backed by melodic guitar work. "Closer to Cold" is dynamic and expressive with harmonizing guitars that fade away slowly towards the end. "Half Past Corpse O'Clock" compels with strong riffs and catchy chorus. "Sable Rising" closes out with an immense amount of power and aggressiveness.

Some might be turned off by the direction Arsis has taken but I for one commend them for stretching their capabilities and showing that they are not limited to a single genre of metal.

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