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VOLTURE: Shocking Its Prey (Album Review)

By Kelley Simms

Release Date: January 25th, 2011
Record Label: Heavy Artillery

My rating points:

    Track Listing:
  1. Volture
  2. Heavy Metal Machine
  3. The Horde
  4. Night Walker
  5. Cheap Thrillz
  6. Heathens Revenge

Bringing NWOBHM and traditional metal back with a vengeance is Heavy Artillery's VOLTURE from Richmond, Virginia.

Similar sounding to their label mates ENFORCER, VOLTURE is keeping the classic European sound alive on their debut EP, Shocking Its Prey. On the six tracks, the band draws obvious similarities to JUDAS PRIEST mostly, but has touches of IRON MAIDEN and TYGERS OF PAN TANG as well.

Here's a handy heavy metal checklist of the great things about VOLTURE's Shocking Its Prey.

  • Ear-shattering wails from vocalist Brent Hubbard.
  • Razor sharp riffs and ripping guitar solos by Nick Poulos.
  • Municipal Waste's guitarist Ryan Waste tears it up on the bass guitar.
  • Precision-like drumming from Barry Cover.
  • Cool, '80s-inspired album cover artwork.
  • Heavy, balls-out songs about Metal.
  • Classic metal influences that harken back to the days of old.
  • Right amount of song variation and tempo changes.
  • Tight musicanship.
  • Good, clean and crisp production.
  • Short songs that pack a punch.

Before I get carried away with all the pros about Shocking Its Prey, I have to mention some of the cons about the album as well.

Although the music is awesome, there's nothing too technical about VOLTURE's playing or songwriting. There's not much originality to VOLTURE's sound, but they are not just a carbon copy of their influences, either. They bring their own flair and panache to the table. This album just screams metal.

VOLTURE is a band to keep your eyes and ears on. What they bring to the scene is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Classic metal for the classic metalhead, young and old.

Listen to two of the songs "Volture" and "Heavy Metal Machine" on our music player below: Volture - Volture (Shocking Its Prey) by metalassault

Volture - Heavy Metal Machine (Shocking Its Prey) by metalassault

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