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The Iron Maidens: Live Review
By Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal

February 20th 2010, Paladino's, Tarzana CA: The 'Doctor Doctor' tape got going on the PA at around 11.30 PM and all the Iron Maiden fans started singing along to the words of this U.F.O classic, a song that has got etched in every Maiden fan's mind because of the fact that its played on the PA just before Maiden hit the stage. The first minute of that song is literally the calm before the storm. The female tribute we were all here to see tonight, The Iron Maidens replicate this the way it should be.

Their own intro tape was next, followed by 'Churchill's Speech,' something that always gives me the chills. Four of the five band members were on stage already and kicked off the show with the opening riff of 'Aces High', as front woman Kirsten Rosenberg came out running on the stage. This song blows minds like no other song can, wiping out everything in its path. If ever somebody did justice to this song's vocals, she is the one. This was a return of sorts for former guitarist Heather Baker, who is apparently with the band for a few gigs starting tonight. It was my first time seeing her performance and judging from the first song itself, I was impressed to say the least.

They proceeded on to play 'Die With Your Boots On', a song that the original band don't really play these days but one that I've gotten used to in the Maidens' shows. It's always such a fun song. This rarity was followed by the Maiden staple '2 Minutes To Midnight', a song I never complain about hearing live, mainly because the lyrics are so great to sing along to. This being a 21+ only show, the head bangers were few and far between I must say. But those few started banging their heads even faster with the next song 'Invaders', the rarest of rare gems. The band absolutely ripped the crowd apart with this one. It was such a great feeling listening to this song and it is my dream that some day Iron Maiden will play it and I'll be there to see them do it. If you claim to be a metal fan and don't like this song, then sorry, stop calling yourself a fan of metal music.

A few of the regular tunes on their set lists were next, including 'Wasted Years', 'The Prisoner' and 'The Trooper'. I don't know how many of you know this, but when Maiden played Trooper in Bangalore (India) in 2007, the barrier separating the back and front GA sections almost collapsed as those maniacs in the back section rushed to the front. I could feet the thrust even as I was in the front row of the front GA. It was as if war had broken out. The crowd were so loud that I couldn't even hear Bruce singing that one. That's the kind of effect only an Iron Maiden song can have. This song will never, ever get old. Coming back to this show, special mention has to made of the manner in which Courtney plays on Prisoner. It's a treat to watch and listen to.

The heads in the front row, including mine were banging and rolling furiously again for 'Phantom Of The Opera', which seriously is the most epic song ever. The band still had a few more songs up their sleeve including 'Number of The Beast', 'Children Of The Damned' and the ever amazing '22 Acacia Avenue'. They ended the show with 'Run To The Hills'. It was an absolute delight to be able to see these ladies do as many as six songs from the Number Of The Beast album. I'm glad that they take the effort to make their show an experience to remember for the fans, playing songs that even the original band don't presently do. This is how a tribute band should be. It should feel like they are paying a 'tribute', and not just standing on stage and playing covers. These girls are masters of this art, that's for sure. The Eddies, the costumes, the stage props, the instruments and most importantly the music is done to perfection.

Kirsten and Courtney are the ones who get the crowd fired up with their mannerisms and overall stage presence. Wanda always looks effortless on bass and yet delivers a flawless show every time. Heather made it look quite easy as well, and had a cool and 'in her own world' feeling about her. It was a weird situation because Heather used to play the 'Adrianna Smith' role when she was a permanent member. But she handled the Dave Murray guitar parts with ease tonight. Linda had a smile on her face for most of the show, while still being a beast on those drums. A big thank you to the band for giving us our occasional dose of Iron Maiden and making it an exhausting but amazing night of the most God-like metal music on earth.

    Here's their complete set list:
  1. Aces High
  2. Die With Your Boots On
  3. 2 Minutes To Midnight
  4. Invaders
  5. Wasted Years
  6. The Prisoner
  7. The Trooper
  8. Phantom Of The Opera
  9. Number Of The Beast
  10. Children Of The Damned
  11. The Evil That Men Do
  12. 22 Acacia Avenue
  13. Run To The Hills
The Iron Maidens line-up for this show was:
Kirsten Rosenberg - vocals
Wanda Ortiz - bass
Courtney Cox - guitar
Heather Baker - guitar
Linda McDonald - drums

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