Allegaeon Vocalist Discusses New Album, Lineup Changes & Lyrics

By Andrew Bansal

Based out of Fort Collins/Denver CO, technical death metal outfit Allegaeon released their third full-length album ‘Elements Of The Infinite’ in June 2014 via Metal Blade Records, undergoing two major lineup changes during its writing process but coping well and combining to create a solid slab of technically proficient heavy music. Having put on an impressive show at the Roxy in Hollywood on their headline run late last year, Allegaeon are currently out on the road with Chimaira for a North American tour, to be followed immediately by a tour of the same continent with Arsis and Exmortus. I recently spoke to vocalist Ezra Haynes to discuss the band’s lineup changes, the new album, his lyric writing process, and more. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

Black Anvil Bassist/Vocalist Talks ‘Hail Death’ & More

By Andrew Bansal

New York black metal group Black Anvil released their third full-length album ‘Hail Death’ via Relapse Records earlier this year, one of the finest slabs of extreme savagery to have come out in 2014 so far. But there’s more to this Black Anvil album than in the past, with extended jams displaying an added touch of diversity and progressiveness. In support of this relentless 66-minute effort, Black Anvil will set out on a North American tour opening for Skeletonwitch and Ghoul. Last month, I spoke to bassist/vocalist Paul Delaney to discuss the making of the album and lots more. Enjoy the conversation below, pick up ‘Hail Death’ and check out Black Anvil on tour. Continue reading

In-depth Interview With Scale The Summit’s Chris Letchford

Interview by Taylor Younani

Houston, Texas quartet Scale The Summit have been redefining the realms of progressive music in their decade-long existence thus far, and their 2013 full-length Prosthetic Records release ‘The Migration’ is a case in point. As they almost always are, the all-instrumental Scale The Summit currently on the road co-headlining a North American run with Glass Cloud along with support acts ERRA, Reflections and Monuments. Our writer Taylor Younani attended the LA show of this tour at the Lyric on August 4th, and after Scale The Summit’s set, had a chat with guitarist/principal songwriter Chris Letchford. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

Origin Vocalist Jason Keyser Talks ‘Omnipresent’, Anthropology & More

By Andrew Bansal

American technical death metal stalwarts Origin recently released their sixth studio album ‘Omnipresent’ via Nuclear Blast Records, marking the recording debut of vocalist Jason Keyser who has been touring with the band for the past three years, and turning out to be an album extremely well received by fans and critics alike. To coincide with the release, Origin embarked on this year’s Summer Slaughter run and devastated the stage at the House Of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles last month. Following the remaining portion of Summer Slaughter, they will head out on their own North American headline tour. I recently did an interview with Jason Keyser to discuss this new album, his role in the band, his anthropology background and lyric writing, among other things. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

In Conversation With Aaron Weaver Of Wolves In The Throne Room

By Andrew Bansal

For the past decade or so, Olympia, Washington’s ambient extreme metal group Wolves In The Throne Room have successfully married raw black metal savagery with hypnotic soundscapes. They released their fourth full-length studio album ‘Celestial Lineage’ in 2011, and to accompany that material, they put out an album called ‘Celestite’ on July 8th via Artemisia Records, with a very stripped-down, atmospheric, synth-laden approach. They performed at the Echoplex in Los Angeles on July 20th as part of a short touring run, and put on an expectedly incredible show. A few hours before they took the stage, I sat down with Aaron Weaver to talk about ‘Celestite’ and more. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading

Overkill Frontman Discusses New Album ‘White Devil Armory’ & Lots More

By Andrew Bansal

New Jersey thrash legends Overkill have been riding on a high since their 2010 full-length effort ‘Ironbound’ which catapulted them back into prominence, following it up with an equally vicious album ‘The Electric Age’ two years later, and on July 22nd they unveiled the next chapter in their musical journey, in the form of their 17th studio album ‘White Devil Armory’, released via EOne Music. A week before the release date, I spoke to the ever-eloquent and thoughtful vocalist Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth to discuss the making of this album, the musical progress from the last two records, his own vocals, production, singing live versus studio, and future plans. Enjoy the conversation below. Continue reading