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In-depth phone interview with GENE HOGLAN

By Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal

October 7th 2010, Los Angeles CA

Part 1: In this part of the interview, we start off talking about tours that Gene did with Fear Factory this year as looks forward to the European headline tour with High On Fire as support. Gene then talks in depth about touring with Metallica on topics like the response from fans, prospect of supporting them again, and playing with 'in-the-round' stage set-up. We go on to discuss Dethklok and Metalocaplyse, including tour, album plans and new episodes, and the response to Dethalbum II. This part ends with Gene's revelation of some of the most challenging live songs from Fear Factory's latest album 'Mechanize'.

Part 2: Gene talks about some of the older songs that are challenging to him, and reason for wearing headphones on stage. He tells why releasing and distributing his instructional DVD on his own through 'Hoglan Industries' is the way to go, and discusses the current state of the industry.

Part 3: In the final part of this interview, Gene states his opinion on the importance of a modern drummer, the ever increasing role of pro-tooling and drum editing, and says he would judge a drummer only based on live performance. Gene picks his dream band to play for, and puts together a band made up of his favorite individual musicians. In the final few minutes, Gene talks about his singing abilities, thoughts of a solo album, his brand new project 'Meldrum', juggling between so many projects, and plans of doing a 'compilation tour' consisting of all his bands.

Check out Gene Hoglan's official myspace.

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