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In-person interview with Benjamin Falgoust of Goatwhore

By Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal

May 26th 2010, The Blvd, Los Angeles CA

I caught up with Goatwhore frontman Benjamin Falgoust a couple of hours before they played a headlining show at the Blvd cafe & bar here in Los Angeles. Benjamin talked about the current headlining run playing small venues, being on Ozzfest, other touring plans and their set list.

He also spoke on some of the differences between singing for Soilent Green and Goatwhore, the unique brotherhood going amongst the bands from New Orleans, the prospect of all New Orleans bands touring together, his inspirations and influences, the Goatwhore songs that get the best crowd response and the reasons behind the name 'Carving Out The Eyes Of God'. Watch the chat below!

Part 1

Part 2

Video by Ray DeCambra

Check out Goatwhore's official myspace.

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