Exclusive Video Premiere: VOID VATOR – I Can’t Take It

Metal Assault is pleased to bring you another exclusive video premiere, this one featuring a band many of our readers and followers might be already familiar with; the hard-hitting, power-packed Los Angeles hard rock / heavy metal group, VOID VATOR.

We hereby present to you the first look at the music video for “I Can’t Take It”, the new single off of Void Vator’s sophomore full-length, Great Fear Rising, slated for release in April 2021 via Ripple Music. The band had this to say about this music video:

“The video for “I Can’t Take It” is a story for music fans who can relate to this past year’s lockdown on live music. In it, the band is going about their day on an eternal mission to rock out.  Meanwhile two spies are following the band and reporting every move to their boss who is an evil government tyrant, determined to cancel rock and roll.  We flew a video producer from Detroit out to shoot “I Can’t Take It” during a weekend that California was on fire and filled with smoke. The city was in such a state of disarray that he felt right at home.  It turned out great.”

Quite simply put, “I Can’t Take It” is quintessential Void Vator, and genuinely catchy, fun-filled heavy music. Without further ado, let’s dive in …

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(Void Vator photo credit: Nikkie Marie Kephart)