AGAINST THE GRAVE confirmed for METAL ASSAULT MIXTAPE Vol. 3; Full Track Listing & Pre-Order Details Revealed

Metal Assault Records is extremely excited to make the 12th and final band announcement for Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 3, and what’s more, we have the full track listing and pre-order details for you!

Los Angeles CA groove metal band AGAINST THE GRAVE will be included on this mixtape, with their latest single, “Killing Us Slowly”. Short, brutal and to-the-point, the song packs quite a punch and adds an extra degree of fierceness to this eclectic compilation of heavy music.

Against The Grave links: websitefacebook | twitterinstagram 


With this announcement, we have now revealed the complete lineup of bands for this mixtape. As it has turned out, all 12 bands are based out of the Los Angeles / greater Los Angeles region, which is a very apt representative of the deep involvement we’ve had with our local underground scene, specially since transitioning from a blog to concert booking, promotion and our own record label.

Symphonic metal, power metal, hard rock, stoner rock, traditional heavy metal, groove metal, grindcore, hardcore punk, rock ‘n roll, prog, death metal and black metal … this mixtape has it all, and we can say with confidence that listeners will not be disappointed.

Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 3 track listing:

Side A:
1. ANTHEA – Discovery (4:31)
2. THE SLEEPING SEA KING – Devil’s Soldiers (2:55)
3. BLACKWATER REDS – Chasing Eight (4:35)
4. MARISHI TEN – Never Look Back (3:53)
5. AGAINST THE GRAVE – Killing Us Slowly (2:43)
6. FLESH AND MACHINE – Hectic Fevers / Seeding Meat (3:23)

Side B:
7. SOLAR HAZE – Burn The Light (3:24)
8. RISING ELIJAH – Degenerated (4:03)
9. SUBSURFACE TENSION – Devil Pin-Up Girl (3:11)
10. DEIFIED – Harvester (4:59)
11. WARWIND – Night Fall (4:34)
12. FLESHBONG – The Bloody Peanuts Within Thy Stool (1:39)

Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 3 is releasing on August 14 2020 on cassette tape (limited to 100 copies) plus digital download. Pre-orders are launching on Friday July 3 at 00:00 Pacific / 03:00 Eastern / 07:00 GMT / 09:00 CEST, via This launch directly coincides with “Bandcamp Friday”, wherein the lovely folks at Bandcamp will waive their revenue share for 24 hours, to support artists and labels during the COVID-19 industry slowdown. So basically we get to keep 100% of any and all sales made on July 3. We ask all our readers and fans, and fans of the bands on the mixtape, to keep this in mind and mark your calendars to make sure you make your pre-order purchase this Friday. If you are on facebook, RSVP to the virtual event page to set yourselves a reminder.

METAL ASSAULT MIXTAPE – Vol. 3 (August 14 2020 // pre-order launching July 3 2020)