LA Grindcore Band FLESHBONG Confirmed for METAL ASSAULT MIXTAPE Vol. 3

Metal Assault Records is pleased to reveal the fifth band confirmed for Volume 3 of the label’s cassette tape compilation series, releasing this summer.

Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 3 will feature a brand new, exclusive, previously unreleased track by Los Angeles, California grindcore band FLESHBONG. With Vol. 3, we are going far more diverse with the mix of sub-genres represented by the selected bands, compared to the first two mixtape compilations. Fleshbong’s short and concise offering is certain to take a lot of listeners pleasantly by surprise.

Fleshbong links: facebook | instagram | bandcamp

With a demo and two EPs to their name till date, and only occasional local live performances, Fleshbong remains a very underground, largely unknown entity, but with their fresh, hilarious take on the grind genre. all that might change very soon.

This is what the band lineup for the mixtape currently looks like, in alphabetical order:
Anthea (symphonic / power metal)
Blackwater Reds (rock ‘n roll)
Fleshbong (grindcore)
The Sleeping Sea King (hard rock / heavy metal)
Warwind (melodic death metal / black metal)

Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 3 will be released in August 2020 on limited-edition cassette tape plus digital download. More details and band announcements will follow in the next few weeks, including the launch of pre-orders. Watch this space …

METAL ASSAULT MIXTAPE – Vol. 3 (August 2020)