Best Albums Of 2018

2018 is almost done with. Another year of disappointments and letdowns, but also of great new music. Without further ado …

#20. WINTERFYLLETH – The Hallowing Of Heirdom: UK black metal group Winterfylleth has never been one to shy away from pushing their creative boundaries, but their sixth studio album The Hallowing Of Heirdom comes as their most adventurous creation till date. Winterfylleth has implemented their idea of a fully acoustic folk album superbly on this one. Paying homage to and very much exhibiting the aura of ancient British folklore, this is a wonderfully poetic and soothing set of songs that showcases a side of Winterfylleth never seen before, and deserves its place among the best releases of 2018.

#19. HIGH PRIESTESS – S/T: Los Angeles based psychedelic doom trio High Priestess has arrived onto the scene with an undeniably triumphant debut effort. The band’s self-titled album paints a dreamy landscape and takes the listener on a meditative journey. The resonance of the vocals, the serenity of the guitar tones and the slow-paced grooviness of the rhythm section makes for a truly powerful 40-minute slab of heavy music. A gem of an album.

#18. STONECUTTERS – Carved in Time: In a constantly dissected and highly divided music world, genre-bending is no easy task. Louisville, Kentucky band Stonecutters succeeds with it like very few others have, as proven by their latest release, their fifth studio album Carved in Time. Blending elements of sludge metal, stoner rock, hardcore, thrash metal, death metal, and even tech death to boot, this album is driven by ominous riffs, masterful guitar harmonies, bestial vocals and wild tempo shifts that leave the listener stunned and awe-struck. With Carved in Time, Stonecutters have created their own niche and it’s certainly worth a listen.

#17. AGAINST THE GRAIN – Cheated Death: Trailblazing purveyors of good ol’ Motor City Speed Rock for the past decade, Detroit, Michigan quartet Against The Grain released their fifth full-length Cheated Death this year. Through their short career, this band has already developed a reputation of doing absolutely nothing wrong, and their newest studio effort doesn’t disappoint either. Cheated Death hits the sweet spot of your sonic taste buds, leaves a long-lasting impact and has great repeat-play value. The spirits of Motörhead, Thin Lizzy, Nashville Pussy and The Hellacopters emanate from Against The Grain’s music, specially that on Cheated Death. This is an album chockablock with expertly crafted rock n’ roll, and an absolute must-listen.

#16. ORANGE GOBLIN – The Wolf Bites Back: Unrelenting and unwavering in their brand of skull-crushing, earth-shattering stoner metal, UK band Orange Goblin has been around for more than two decades, and has come up with one fantastic album after another. The band is creatively stronger now than ever before, as recent releases A Eulogy For the Damned (2012) and Back From the Abyss (2014) have proved. Their ninth studio album The Wolf Bites Back serves as an excellent follow-up to its predecessors but also stands its own ground as a worthy representative of all things Orange Goblin. Heavier than a ten-ton hammer, yet carrying its fair share of melodic elements, this 40-minute album gets into its zone right from the outset, and goes on to show that Orange Goblin is perhaps the most underrated band on earth.

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