Review: Not My Master – Disobey EP

Local Texas metal outfit Not My Master displays a strong sense of classic metal aggression while keeping a strong footing in the modern era with their brand new EP ‘Disobey’. A collection of seven tracks, including a Danzig cover, allows Not My Master to display their personal style of metal to much efficiency. Each track is powered by strong, mid-paced metal which uses moderate tempos to enhance the thickly laid, intensely driven guitar riffs.

‘Disobey’ features modern metal sensibilities that empowers the EP with aggressively energizing riffage and gritty vocal work that brings everything together and drives a show of force throughout the EP’s runtime. It’s not a surprise to hear that this band hails from Texas once you hit play on the EP; Not My Master embraces the dirty, chug-heavy style that personifies Texas metal.

Each of the seven tracks offers their own insight into the brutality of Not My Master, each track its own beast within the entirety of the packaging. You don’t get the sense that each track floods into the next one without distinction, each track has its own personality. This not only keeps the EP fresh throughout, it allows each track to shine with its own force instead of being a part of a whole.

Within ‘Disobey’ you’ll find a good variety of tracks, from the stoned-out vibes of ‘Morning Star’ to the simply pure aggression of the opening track ‘Acadence’. The EP has a very raw production that adds a sheen of grit and aggression to the EP, it’s very well so that the limited sense of production adds even more to the scale of grit already present within ‘Disobey’.

This EP is designed for fans of modern metal, though anyone can find a lot to enjoy within ‘Disobey’. It’s moderately sped tempo hits like a sledgehammer, the music slowly rising and dropping in a pendulous flow that swings with a palpably brutal weight. This Texas metal outfit puts out a winner with their EP ‘Disobey’, a record that takes a modern approach to classic metal and knocks it out of the park.

– by Ryan Falla

Rating: 7.5/10

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Release Date: February 22 2018

Track Listing:
1. Acadence (4:18)
2. Revenge (3:08)
3. Where’s God Now (3:49)
4. Morning Star (5:15)
5. Lies (4:38)
6. How the Gods Kill (Danzig cover) (5:55)
7. Consume (4:41)

Total Duration: 31:43

Not My Master links: facebook | instagram