Top Metal-Band-Inspired Slot Machines

Gamblers all over the world always enjoy visiting both land based and online casinos to see what new games are available. Slot machines are often featured as they can easily be adapted using different themes to attract new players. By using a certain genre, such as metal bands, fans of this music style are also drawn to try out the game.

The legendary band headed by Gene Simmons has been immortalized in a slot machine game. Expect to see the familiar painted faces of the popular 70’s metal band incorporated in this game. The music accompanying the game of course features some of the band’s biggest hits. Playing this slot machine will be like a trip back in time for music fans. The game provides many ways to win thanks to the scatter symbols which can help trigger free spins. Wild symbols also can appear on the reels further adding to one’s winnings.

Guns N’ Roses
Moving up to the next decade, the 1980’s, Guns N’ Roses was a top metal band led by vocalist Axl Rose. When the band’s 30th anniversary was approaching in 2015, NetEnt designed this game to honour the band’s impact on the music world. Like the Kiss slot machine, Guns N’ Roses also features top hits including “Welcome to the Jungle”. The game has a total of 20 paylines with many ways to win including a bonus game.

Another NetEnt slot machine of the metal band genre, Megadeth even includes concert video footage. Also an 80’s band, Megadeth still is releasing music in the present day. This five reel slot has the option to place bets on each of the 40 paylines. A special feature known as “Mega Nudge” is included which gives players as many as three nudges to move a reel to provide them with a better combination of symbols.

So whether you are a fan of metal bands or an avid slot machine player, these three games are just a few of the options you can play on your next gaming session.

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