‘Bashfest’ to take over NAMM Week with Stellar Lineup

By Andrew Bansal

The 2018 edition of the annual Bashfest will take place at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California, Wednesday January 24th to Friday January 26th, during NAMM week, and in keeping with its pattern of taking things to the next level every year, the much loved and popular series of events looks all set to reach heights previously unattained.

With its unbeatable cast of mighty fine musicians coming together to pay tribute to hard rock/heavy metal legends, Bashfest has entertained concertgoers from Southern California and beyond in the past, as NAMM attendees from all over the world have ventured to these events and become fans for life, attending every year without fail thereafter. The upcoming edition of Bashfest comprises three events: Soundcheck Live (an all-star jam), Bonzo Bash (tribute to John Bonham) and Randy Rhoads Remembered (the name says it all).

Soundcheck Live, with its house band and guest lineup, is taking a field trip to Orange County from its Lucky Strike Hollywood home for this special NAMM edition at the Yost Theater. This series of events has always been well orchestrated, and if that is any indication, this one will make for a worthwhile mid-week pre-party, just before the NAMM festivities kick in.

Bonzo Bash has been the longest running event in this Bashfest series produced by Joe Sutton and Brian Tichy, and for good reason, because this drum-centric show has presented world-class drummers, past performers including such metal heavyweights as Bill Ward, Gene Hoglan, Nicko McBrain, Dave Lombardo, Mike Portnoy and many others, as they jam with the house band plus guest musicians on other instruments to play the most loved classics as well as the deepest cuts from the Zeppelin catalog. You don’t get to call yourself a true dedicated Zephead unless you have basked in 3+ hours of Zeppelin worship at Bonzo Bash, and the 2018 edition beckons you with a great lineup and many surprises in store.

The best is, of course, saved for the last, as Bashfest wraps up with Randy Rhoads Remembered, a tribute to the late great guitarist. You would be extremely hard pressed to find one metalhead who claims to not be a Randy Rhoads fan, and the same applies to an even greater extent to guitar players. As past editions of this event have shown, some of the biggest names in the business have gladly offered their participation. Past performers include the likes of Alex Skolnick, Marty Friedman and several others, and the 2018 lineup, even with only a small portion of the list of participants revealed, is already looking attractive. This is a real classic heavy metal treat as these musicians combine for a hearty dosage of Ozzy songs along with some selections from Randy Rhoads era Quiet Riot.

Most importantly, these are not impromptu jam events, and a lot of meticulous preparation goes into preparing and rehearsing entire set lists with all participating musicians. The result is there for everyone to witness at the events, as the quality of the performance is absolutely top-notch. There are a lot of tribute bands and tribute jams plying their trade, but Bashfest honors the legends of our world with far more grace, heart and power than anyone else. For those that are going to be  in Southern California during NAMM week, Bashfest makes a strong case for itself as the live entertainment of choice.

For tickets, visit Bashfest.us

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