Album Review: In Search Of Sun – Virgin Funk Mother

By Rosie Walker

London, The Old Smoke, is one of the world’s leading cities for the arts and culture. To be a band and get noticed in this cosmopolitan capitol is no easy task. The young act, In Search Of Sun, is tactfully showing everyone how it’s done. Their alternative, progressive, vibe is resonating and peaking curiosity in the rock scene. The success of their 2014 debut album, ‘The World Is Yours’, has led them to a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records. This determined group, with the help of their very successful Kickstarter campaign, is ready to release their second album, ‘Virgin Funk Mother’, on November 3rd.

Opening track, ‘Say It Like You See It’, promptly greets the listener with an intelligent groove and an assortment of decisive, thick riffs. As vocalist Adam Leader enters the number, the ease and edginess of his delivery exceeds expectations. He conveys the power and uniqueness of his band with careful articulation and pizzazz. Their catchy lyrics are relatable and absorbable. The bass playing by Faz Couri allows you to fall even deeper into this band’s groove and hard hitting harmonies. Drummer Sean Gorman partners with the backbone of each song and carries that weight by his deliberate and intricate style.

The next song, ‘Bad Girl’, is a progressive gem filled with sweet guitar tones provided by Rory Kay. Along with guest guitarist John Browne from Monuments, their guitar playing cries with fierceness and finesse. Adam continues to connect his clear, honest voice with heartfelt lyrics and catchy choruses. The surprising screams that pop up near the end of this number, along with the dark riffs, really shakes things up and keeps this intriguing band unpredictable. Some of the drum techniques are just as specialized and outstanding. Each member knows how to carry their own and know how to unite their individual talents to create the sound that is In Search Of Sun.

Then you get the soulful, speedy track, ‘MotherFunk’, with its psychedelic aspects, odd tempo and ever building energy. It makes their vibe contagious and makes the listener crave more of their special sound. You hear alternative rock, funk, and jazz in each song. This whole album exposes you to such a generous variety of genres. Track number 8 on this 11 track album, ‘Never’, keeps to their adaptable style. The strength of their song structure builds for the dramatic exploration of intense emotions and has the listener compelled and engaged on every track. After revealing their softer side, they get heavy again on, ‘Mega Piranha’. The chunky riffs that swell and sing along with Adam’s more aggressive vocals show off this band’s compatibility. Adam’s vocal variety and ability is truly outstanding and memorable. One can hear He Is Legend, Tesseract, and Avenge Sevenfold all in one song.

It’s difficult to pinpoint their resolute, beautifully unique, fun signature sounds, and that’s part of this band’s charm. In Search Of Sun is offering a refreshing take on rock music. They’re on the rise and everyone should take note.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Record Label: Spinefarm
Release Date: November 3rd 2017

Track Listing:
01. Say It Like You See It (4:00)
02. Bad Girl (4:20)
03. Petrichor (3:32)
04. MotherFunk (2:52)
05. Elevation (3:25)
06. In The Garden (3:28)
07. Little Wolf (0:55)
08. Never (5:22)
09. Mega Piranha (3:25)
10. Illusions (3:40)
11. Mon Amour (5:35)

Total Duration: 40:34

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