Album Review: Trivium – The Sin and The Sentence

By Rosie Walker

Trivium was just a handful of high school students when they started out nearly 20 years ago. Having released seven full-length albums since then, this Florida-based band has made a pretty big name for themselves. They are considered to be one of the more noteworthy acts to come out of the new wave of American heavy metal movement. The fact that they are still evolving as a band shows their bravery, hard work ethic, and exploratory spirit. As they prepared to unleash their newest creation, ‘The Sin and the Sentence’, many waited in high anticipation. This eighth studio album which came out today, October 20, through Roadrunner Records, might have some of their fans in for a surprise.

Many of Trivium’s devotees are used to them changing their musical direction on each album. This newest release actually reaches back and combines a lot of their past styles to make a rather eclectic, unique sound. The first song and title track, ‘The Sin And The Sentence’, cracks the album open with vibrant and dramatic guitar tones that give a rather exciting, earnest feel. Frontman Matt Heafy confronts the song with powerful cleans that escalate the various thematic elements in this number. His screams are stunning and are warmly welcomed after their absence on their 2015 album, ‘Silence In The Snow’. Matt’s ability to duel his voice with his, and Corey Beaulieu’s guitar playing has a punchy, passionate effect. The next number, ‘Beyond Oblivion’, shows off the more aggressive side of the band. The grit and dropped tuning on the guitars declares that these guys still know how to headbang. The intense and expressive playing from the drummer Alex Bent adds lot of delicious layers of heaviness to the overall new sound.

The band is guided by their gut. Each song hits you with a different feel, ‘Other Worlds’, is a more progressive, poppy number that reveals the versatility of the band. They dip down and reach out to new realms of angst and creativity. The song, ‘Betrayer’, takes you back to the speed and aggression of their ‘Shogun’ and ‘The Crusade’ days. Matt’s voice has evolved, but he can still nail his screams and provoke that raw energy the band is so well known for. The guitar solos and breakdowns are refreshingly intense and intriguing throughout the whole record. Paolo Gregoletto carries a lot of the band’s weight with his proficient bass lines. His ability to hold the low end down and help emphasize the melodies is impressive. The lyrics, though repetitive and rather simplistic, allow the listener to digest and fully embrace the conviction heard in each song.

’Sever The Hand’, provides some crunchy, rotund riffs that lift the song to an addicting, catchy level, making this 11 track album seem short. The last two numbers, ‘The Revanchist’ and ‘Thrown Into The Fire’ unleash an agitated aggression that lights up and ignites both feisty pieces to a deeper level of groove. Max Cavalera would be proud. The sway of the songs move and energize the listener. Again, one is reminded of the band’s earlier days on these last couple of songs.You can hear the heat and feeling in their forceful, intuitive display of sound. The variety is fun and unlike their previous album, there is not a lot of cohesiveness, but it seems the lack of unification on this record is intentional. Whether one way works better than the other is up to individual tastes.

Whatever preference people have, the fact remains that Trivium can still deliver. Get this album and add it to you collection, because this band is hard working, talented, and they deserve your attention.

Rating: 8/10

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Record Label: Roadrunner
Release Date: October 20th 2017

Track Listing:
01. The Sin And The Sentence (6:23)
02. Beyond Oblivion (5:17)
03. Other Worlds (4:50)
04. The Heart From Your Hate (4:04)
05. Betrayer (5:27)
06. The Wretchedness Inside (5:32)
07. Endless Night (3:38)
08. Sever The Hand (5:26)
09. Beauty In The Sorrow (4:32)
10. The Revanchist (7:17)
11. Thrown Into The Fire (5:30)

Total Duration: 57:56

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