Album Review: The Haxans – Party Monsters

By Ryan Falla

There’s something very special about The Haxans and their debut record ‘Party Monsters’. A power-duo featuring Ash Costello (New Years Day) and Matt Montgomery a.k.a. Piggy D (Rob Zombie), this is a band that describes themselves as “goth pop”. Delving into their debut record, it comes as no surprise that The Haxans have tinges of Rob Zombie-esque sound work given their goth-pop musicality and ties to Rob Zombie. There’s a lot in ‘Party Monsters’ that creates a unique sound that is The Haxans, as they very much do their own thing with this foundation.

What really surprised me is how poppy this record can get, it really toes the line between pop and metal. The vocal work of Ash Costello fused with the mile-thick riffage from Matt Montgomery create what has elements of a “female Rob Zombie” band. What really molds the Haxans identity is their ability to delve deeper into a pop focus without drawing away from the metal. This is very much yin and yang occupying the same being at the same time.

There are some tracks that straight up sound like a Lady Gaga metal band, such as ‘Witch Wave’ and ‘Demons’. Now I know this might be a scary concept for you; metal and unabashed pop? In theory you’d think it doesn’t work, but in practice it’s a wonderful thing. ‘Party Monsters’ is the perfect title for record because it’s damn fun.

Not all tracks on this record go as hard on the goth-pop, early tracks like ‘Chains’, ‘Black Cat Bone’ and ‘Party Time’ allow for a smooth introduction into the heavier pop elements. ‘Party Monsters’ holds up well from open to close, and though there is a bit of a slowdown near the end of the record, it isn’t anything detrimental. This slowdown isn’t from a lack of quality tracks but the spice that isn’t as present near the record’s close.

Regardless, this is a fantastic record that explores contradicting musical elements. Oil and fire are two things you’d always keep away from each other; yet sometimes the shimmering blaze from the mix isn’t destructive, but invigorating. ‘Party Monsters’ is fun as hell, the perfect title for this package. Inside are two little monsters that crafted a party in an album, the energy behind the tracks is bursting with incredible energy.

‘Party Monsters’ is absolutely infectious to the ears and hips. The groove with this one is very real, it is a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart that gets your body moving and your mind grooving.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Record Label: Another Century
Release Date: October 13th 2017

Track Listing:
01. Lights Out! (3:50)
02. Young Blood (3:02)
03. Dirty Magic (4:23)
04. Black Cat Bone (3:25)
05. Party Time (2:54)
06. Chains (4:08)
07. Witch Wave (3:04)
08. Demons (3:19)
09. Professional Weirdo (3:24)
10. Slick Black Coffin (4:14)
11. Boo! (4:00)
12. Vampira (2:54)

Total Duration: 42:37

The Haxans links: website | facebook | twitter | instagram