A Heartbreaking Tell-All: Lemmy’s Best Friend Scott Albanesius Presents Untold Story about Lemmy Statue and how he was Fired & Banned From the Rainbow

On the Rainbow:

“When you see them fire other people, the way they treat their employees, it’s changed a lot. It’s really changed a lot. But, I ended up sneaking in that night (in July 2017). We went up to the Rainbow and I ducked in through the back gate. And everybody was coming up to me, employees as well as customers, saying they felt good to see me. And then when they found out I was there, I quickly hid in the back stairwell (laughs), and then before they could even find me I was already gone. Like you say, I think they owe me a really big apology, but I know that it’s beyond their scope. I would love to have somebody over there go, ‘You know what, we were wrong, and you’re welcome to come back in here.’ But I never have to hear them ask, ‘What happened to that picture of Ron Jeremy? He was in here the other night looking, and you took his picture down?’ I didn’t touch those pictures! They were more concerned about the pictures on the walls than the cleanliness of their kitchen. Let me tell you what man, I have a friend of mine who got banned there because he was on facebook and said he got food poisoning from eating their meatball sandwiches. If you had ever been in the kitchen and saw them making the meatballs, you wouldn’t eat them either. There are no rubber gloves involved, you know. Be lucky if they don’t have a Hepatitis scare. I think that friend is allowed back in now, and that was may be a year or so ago. But here I am. It’s been 9 months now and I’m still alive, I’m still me. The thing that really kills me is, they threw out their best asset! Never mind me not working there, but not to be able to see the fans? I mean, people go in there from all over the world to see me, to talk to me and see the statue. Bartender friends of mine are like, ‘Man, it is such a bummer having to tell people that you’re not around. And they’re so bummed when I tell them that you’re not coming back.’ That was their only place to connect with me. So, I don’t know, may be I’ll end up doing some little book or a spoken-word tour or something like that.”

On seeing Lemmy again:

“Lemmy is omnipresent now. He is everywhere. He is not just in certain little places. He is loved by the world and he is everywhere in the world. But I guess I’ll have to wait a while to see him.”

Full 40-minute audio of the interview: