A Heartbreaking Tell-All: Lemmy’s Best Friend Scott Albanesius Presents Untold Story about Lemmy Statue and how he was Fired & Banned From the Rainbow

On how and why he got fired from the Rainbow:

“I would go to Mario’s house and work on his gates, fix their washers and driers and all this. I was in tight with them. I thought I was a cherished employee and family member, you know. So, what’s always in January is the NAMM show. January 2017, it’s a Tuesday night at the Rainbow. I’m standing at the bar in our spot where me and Lemmy always used to hang. Friend of mine bought me a drink, so I’m standing there having a drink, and I may be had two sips of the thing, Makers and Monster. I look up, and here comes Mikkey Dee with a film crew behind him! Big bright lights and everything. I’m like, oh my God. I don’t want to see this guy! So I run out the back gate. I got my drink in my hand, I’m standing in between a couple of parked cars. I can see the back gate and I can see the Lemmy statue from where I’m standing. He walks right up and goes, ‘Oh, there he is! There is my old friend!’ And I don’t know what possessed me to do it, I think it was Lemmy poking me in the side. I just blurted out, cunt! And I yelled it pretty loud and it felt pretty good. Just as I yelled it, I look down the driveway and who I see at the front gate but Todd Singerman! He heard it all the way up there. He walks all the way back the driveway, and I’m standing outside the office door in the parking lot, which is covered by one camera. I’m just standing in there and I’m finishing my drink, and as soon as I finish my drink, I’m walking home, which I live right next to Lemmy across the street. So, here comes Singerman and walked up to me and goes, ‘I heard that!’ I kind of played stupid, like yeah whatever. So, the last time Motörhead played the Shrine Auditorium, the second floor was the catering. Phil Campbell invited me and my girlfriend up there, so I went to catering and my girlfriend went to Phil’s dressing room with him. A little while later, before the show, here comes Singerman yelling at me. ‘I can’t believe you ate the food at the buffet! You think this is Lemmy’s house?’ Well, Lemmy is very generous, and if he is playing a gig here, then it is Lemmy’s house. So, Singerman is bitching me, saying, ‘So now two crew members can’t eat because you ate.’ And I go, oh yeah? Sorry about that. He goes, ‘You know what? All my family members are here tonight, and I’m going to put a contract out on you, and I’m going to point you out to them so they know what you look like.’ And I’m like, this is a crock of shit. But on January 17th of 2017 he goes, ‘You remember that night at The Shrine? I think I’m gonna do it.’ I just played stupid like I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I knew he was gonna put a contract out on me for calling Mikkey Dee a cunt, which is what he is. Singerman starts talking to me and saying, ‘You know what? Fuck you for saying that.’ I wasn’t apologizing. He goes, ‘You know, I’m gonna talk to Mikael and I’m gonna see about you … you’re gonna be banned from here.’ I go, ‘You know what, dude? Don’t ever talk to me again. You got that? He was never more than an arm’s length away from me. He would walk away and then walk back. I told him, don’t ever fucking talk to me again. Go talk to Mikael. Are you gonna sit here and threaten my life and think that I’m not gonna stand up to you? My best friend is dead. What are you gonna do, kill me? So, I left. The next day I went to work. It was the 18th, and I remember talking to Mikael Jr about what had happened. I said, I ain’t got no problem. You don’t have to 86 nobody. He talked about getting me 86’d, and I was like, hey I’m just gonna finish my drink and go home. I’m not gonna stand here and make a big scene all night. I have a cabin in the mountains and I always go up Thursday. I was up the cabin Thursday until Sunday night and I come back Sunday night to find out that I no longer had a job and no longer was welcome there. What had happened was, on Sunday night I got home and phoned up the Rainbow to order a pizza. I was like, hey this is Scotty. They hang up the phone. I’m thinking, there must be a new girl because she didn’t even recognize me. So I call back up and I go, let me talk to Dane, the tall skinny manager. Nice guy, right? Good friend of mine when I worked there. I asked him, hey Dane, is that dickhead Mikkey Dee or that Singerman there? Because I just ordered a pizza and I don’t want to see those assholes when I come up there to get it. He goes, ‘Hang on a minute, I’ve gotta go to the office.’ When he said that, he was standing in front of the cashier and all their employees. He couldn’t tell me what he had to tell me. So, I knew right then and there, oh my god, I’m fired. Sure enough, 2-3 minutes later he gets on the phone and he goes, ‘Hey man, I don’t know how I’m gonna tell you this, man. But Mikael told me and the other manager that you longer work here and you’re no longer welcome here.’ And that includes the Whisky because I worked at both places. I texted Mikael Jr and said, hey listen, what’s this that I’m fired?’ What I had found out was that Singerman lied and told Mikael that I took a swing at him, which isn’t true. The funny thing about it was, they could have checked the security footage. It was captured by at least two cameras. The confrontation he was talking about was the one when I was telling him not to talk to me ever again. At no time did my hands even clench in the fists. They were too busy giving him the finger. So he lied, and I found that out months later. I texted Mikael Jr and said, hey listen, if your dad sees fit to fire me on someone else’s word, then so be it. No disrespect to you or your grandfather Mario, but I have no respect for your father Mikael whatsoever, and I can’t work for anyone that I don’t have respect for. I mean, it’s pretty absurd.”

On Motörhead fans:

“People would come into the Rainbow from all over the planet and be like, ‘Oh, I recognize you from the movie  and from the Rock Out video. You’re Scotty! Always wanted to meet you!’ I’d tell them stories about how I met Lemmy, times we were hanging out at the Rainbow, Alice Cooper, and all that stuff. I always put the Rainbow and Lemmy in a good light. They should have paid me just to hang out and talk about Lemmy! At one point, and this was only days after Lemmy had passed away, a friend of mine from Germany said, ‘You should go a spoken-word tour, just go to Germany, England etc, go to different venues, just meet with the fans, tell people your stories.’ We even had the guy who’s the owner of the Wacken Festival in Germany, my friend Carlos spoke to him and he goes, ‘Oh that’s a great idea! The fans would love that.’ And then he goes, ‘Have you asked Singerman?’ And I’m like, well, no! Why would I have to ask Singerman, because it’s Scotty, I have nothing to do with Singerman. But he goes, ‘Well, you should ask Singerman. We don’t do anything about Lemmy without talking to Singerman.'”

On his friendship with Lemmy:

“Me and Lemmy were pretty tight, you know. I just also found out recently that I was taken out of his will. Me and somebody else too. There were five names on the original will. Paul, Cheryl, Singerman, and then me and another person. But how do you prove that? Lemmy always told me, ‘You can get a life insurance policy on me if you want. I wouldn’t care. You’d be left with a nice chunk of change when I pass on.’ And I go, dude, I could never profit from your death. May be that’s one of the things Lemmy always liked about me. I was never one of those, as he would put it, beggars. People were always begging money from him. But he took care of a lot of people, man. I really wonder what happened to some of those people, you know. It’s amazing, some of them totally turned their lives around, and other people .. man, geez. Some tough road there. Heroin use and all that. But he helped a lot of people and the way I look at it, if I would have got any money from him, I definitely would have paid it forward. Imagine all the people I could have helped. That’s really what he taught me, how to treat people.”

On my latest Rainbow-related article:

“When I read that article man, talk about a rush! My God. I’m talking about the one from yesterday. I’ve gotta admit I hadn’t seen the other one (from last year). But the new article, it made me feel justified. Kind of like what you said, I’m an honest person. If they would have asked me, ‘Did you take a swing at this guy (Singerman)?’ I mean, believe me, I’ve been in a lot of fights at the Rainbow, but to be kicked out for something I didn’t do is kinda ironic, after all the shit that I had gotten away with! (laughs) And then to be fired for a lie. I’m an honest man. That’s the one thing that means the world to me. My integrity, my truth. Same with Lemmy. Can’t lie to him. Can’t lie to God, he knows when you’re lying (laughs). But when I read that article, it was like, finally the truth is out. And that’s why I wanted to tell my truth (via this interview). I never have, until now. With some people, you just don’t get that feeling that you want to beat their ass, you know what I mean? With people you know you’re not gonna get away with it, legally. But hey man, just me yelling at Mikkey Dee that night (laughs), just that being my last act at the Rainbow, I’m fine with it. It was funny because back in July 2017 I had a friend of mine visiting from London, and he was like, ‘Come on man, they’ll let you in at the Rainbow. You’ve gotta try!’ I was like, I’m not gonna be like all those other little weasels that stand at the front gate and they’re all crying, ‘Come on man, let me back in man, I’ll be good!’ I’m not gonna stand there and beg you to let me in (laughs), like you said in your article. And actually I’ve been kicked out of way better places than that! Being that I was a snake handler for years, I had my snake with me all the time, and I’d get kicked out of places left and right. But that night being kicked out like that, I knew that’s how it was gonna go down, like I said, 6 months to a year earlier.”

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