A Heartbreaking Tell-All: Lemmy’s Best Friend Scott Albanesius Presents Untold Story about Lemmy Statue and how he was Fired & Banned From the Rainbow

By Andrew Bansal

On the night of Tuesday September 5th 2017, I was contacted by Lemmy’s best friend, Scott Albanesius, via the Metal Assault facebook messenger. He said he read my article from last Monday and wanted to talk to me urgently, that he had a story to tell, a story he had never told before. I understand that a lot of the content in this interview can be outrightly deemed controversial, but before you proceed further, I must state that this is simply a transcript of what Scott told me on record. This is his version of the truth. Without further ado, here’s Scott Albanesius’ truth, about the Lemmy statue, the Rainbow, the Motörhead management, the Maglieris, and a whole lot more. (Full audio available at the end of the article).

On the Lemmy statue at the Rainbow:

“So … I was Lemmy’s friend for years. In fact, the first time I was ever at the Rainbow was with Lemmy. And I was a snake handler for Alice Cooper, that’s how I met him. I ended up getting a job at the Rainbow as the maintenance guy. I also worked at the Maglieri home on Mulholland and I worked at the Whisky also. I built the front of that stage, you know. I worked there for almost 6 years, from February 2011 until January 18th of 2017. I always did the setup and teardown when we had the backyard bash, and all that. So, I was the go-to guy. ‘Oh yeah, Scotty can do it!’ So, they tell me that they’re getting the Lemmy statue. I was like, OK great! They asked me if I could build a place for it. This is like July 2016. They wanted it built by the 14th of July. I said, OK I’ll get started on it after 4th of July, no problem. A week or so before that, they ended up giving that job to a contractor. That was my job, but I was like, OK, no big deal. So, he was the one that made that big monstrosity which looks like a walk-in shower. I did not built that. I was just going to build a wall out, and then have the statue standing on a platform, kind of like a stage, and you’d be able to have 2 people on each side to take pictures with the statue. I wanted to have it like a little nook by simply building a wall out. I was going to make it all oak, and put iron crosses and all that kind of stuff in there. He liked the oak leaf that’s on the German daggers and stuff that he possessed. So, they were showing me pictures of the statue, and I go, that doesn’t look like him! Everything is perfect until you get to his face, which doesn’t look like him. It looks like some old pirate. Eyes are the window to the soul, right? The eyes of the statue ain’t right, so it wasn’t gonna look like him. So, July 14th, the Lemmy statue arrives in a big crate and I get up there and they have it in the back hallway, 10 feet from the back door. Anybody could have rolled up there with a dolly at any point from when it got there till August when we actually put the thing in, and taken the freaking thing, you know. It was there for over a month. I posted a picture on facebook saying, oh look, my best friend is here! A picture of the box. And they started freaking out. It was the management from Motörhead that was freaking out. They basically went to Mikael Maglieri, who is now the owner since Mario has passed away, and told him to tell me to take that picture down. This was the first inkling that I knew that they were gonna choose Motörhead management, which is Todd Singerman, over me … ”

Scott and Lemmy

On the statue reveal and Lemmy’s son:

“So then a month later, when we were installing the statue, Lemmy’s son Paul put on facebook that he is not going to be attending the Lemmy statue reveal because he is in a lawsuit with Todd Singerman, because he has control over the will. He is the executor of the will. Paul is suing Todd because he won’t give him any of his dad’s guitars, he gets nothing. He took everything out of his condo, and everything is in storage. When I mentioned to Paul, hey it’s your dad’s statue, dude, he goes, ‘You know, Singerman is gonna be there.’ So I’m like, how about I talk to the Maglieris and we’ll provide security for you. He goes, ‘Yeah, if you wanna do that, I’ll go.’ So I go to the Maglieris the next day, I walk up to Mikael Maglieri and I say to him, Paul would like to come but I told him we’d provide security for him. Before I even had a chance to finish my sentence, Mikael said, ‘Tell him not to bother coming.’ I go, he’s Lemmy’s son! And he goes, ‘He’s suing my best friend Todd right now, so just tell him not to come.’ At that moment I knew that eventually if they were gonna pick, they were gonna choose the friendship with Singerman Entertainment over Lemmy’s own son Paul, who’s a total sweetheart of a guy. So, I made the phone call and told him. I hung up the phone, and got to working on something, fixing a bar stool or something stupid, and in walks Lemmy’s girlfriend Cheryl. She’s also Lemmy’s beneficiary. She walks in and she’s all pissed off at Mikael for telling Paul not to come. She goes, ‘You call Paul back and you tell him that his mother wants him here. It’s his father’s statue and he should be here. Tell him I want him here.’ So, he ended up coming. There was a whole fiasco about that. It was totally disorganized. It was horrible, man. Todd was standing there with Cheryl with a microphone, but nobody can hear anything they’re saying. People started chanting, ‘Let Paul through!’ They didn’t want to hear what Todd was saying, they wanted to see Lemmy’s son in flesh and blood. He looks a lot like his dad, you know.”

Scott with The Head Cat and Lemmy’s son Paul

On what Lemmy really thought of Mikkey Dee:

“Lemmy hated him, you know. Lemmy said to me one time, ‘You know there’s one good thing about Mikkey Dee, at least he gives us somebody to hate in the band.’ I thought that was kind of weird. Why would you want somebody to hate in your band? I guess it filled a gap for him. Gotta have somebody to hate (laughs). Being that I was working at the Rainbow, the bartenders were all my friends. I was telling Lemmy about a time that Mikkey was in there with his friends and every time he needed a beer he was just banging the empty bottle on the bar saying, ‘Come on, I need another beer!’ Carolyn the bartender was giving him attitude like, ‘That’s not gonna get you service quicker!’ At the end of the night he stiffs her. On a $65 tab, him and his friends, they didn’t even tip her. I told Lemmy this and he goes, ‘They’re mean people, Scott.’ What more can you say?”

Scott and Motörhead

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